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Harry Potter-Obsessed Couple Spend £5,000 On Magical Hogwarts-Themed Wedding

Harry Potter-Obsessed Couple Spend £5,000 On Magical Hogwarts-Themed Wedding

The day was complete with quills and wand duels.

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

All weddings tend to be magical, but this couple went the extra mile for their big day, theming their nuptials around the wizarding world of Harry Potter - now that's magical!


Kayleigh Holcroft, 29, and wife Amy, 27, had initially bonded over their love for the books, so once they got engaged in 2018, decided their big day had to be themed on J.K Rowling's works.

And it couldn't have been a better tribute, complete with broomstick rides and wand duels.


The duo, from Leigh, Greater Manchester, began dating in 2017 and when Kayleigh, wore a Harry Potter top to their third date, the die-hard Potterheads realised they were made for each other.

So it was only natural that their ceremony at Smithills Hall in Bolton had nods to the wizarding world.

The 50 guests watched the couple produce rings from the chapter of The Half Blood Prince 'The Unbreakable Vow,' and sign their marriage certificate with quills.

Luckily, 'self-confessed Hufflepuff' Amy said most guests were on board with their unusual theme.


She said: "We even got Harry Potter gifts including a talking sorting hat.

And when the pair crept away from their 80 evening guests for pictures, their photographer Joe Hague, ensured they could live out their wildest Hogwarts fantasies with help from some Photoshop special effects - despite having never seen the films.


Thanks to Joe's computer wizardry, the pair can be seen flying through the air on broomsticks, casting spells at Voldemort, preparing to enter a Floo Powder portal and hiding from giant spider Aragog.

Amy, a pharmacy dispenser, said: "We are both obsessed with Harry Potter - we were both already into it when we met two years ago.

"Early on, we watched it together and within the first three dates Kayleigh wore a Harry Potter top and I thought 'this is the life for me'."


"When Kayleigh proposed, I thought straight away 'we have to have a Harry Potter wedding'."

Amy said she's been reading and re-reading the books since she was a child and has lost count how many times she's read them.

She added: "My favourite characters are McGonagall and Tonks - I like Tonks because I'm a Hufflepuff and she makes us interesting, and McGonagall because she is a role model."


"Kayleigh's favourite characters are Luna Lovegood and Bellatrix."

Photographer Joe revealed he had never seen Harry Potter but was happy to take part in the unique opportunity.

He said: "From a photographer who has never seen a Harry Potter film, this was going to be both exciting and daunting."

"I met the lovely couple two years ago and it was a pleasure to photograph their magical wedding."

"I wanted to make the photographs realistic whilst making them magical with lightning, broomsticks and Harry Potter baddies thrown in too.

"Photoshopping the various effects really made the photographs come to life."

Featured Image Credit: Caters

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