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Amputee Finds Love With Woman He Was Meant Date The Day He Lost His Legs

Amputee Finds Love With Woman He Was Meant Date The Day He Lost His Legs

Craig explained how Amanda rushed to his bedside as soon as she heard about the accident.

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

A man who was involved in a tragic car accident ended up finding love with the woman he was meant to go on a date with that very day.

Craig Towler, 32, from Colorado was supposed to be meeting his date, Amanda in July 2016, but earlier in the day, he ended up in an accident which crushed both of his legs, leading to a double amputation.

The fitness fanatic had been taking a cooler out of his trunk when a car collided with another vehicle, trapping him between the two and causing devastating injuries to his limbs.

Craig was airlifted to the trauma unit at Denver Health Medical Center where doctors delivered the news that he would need a double amputation.

Despite the devastating prognosis, Craig was desperate to let Amanda, 30, know he wouldn't be able to make the date.

The pair had been seeing each other for three weeks, but as soon as Amanda heard about Craig's accident, she rushed to his side.

Craig and Amanda had been seeing each other for three weeks before the accident (

"I honestly didn't know what to expect but she was there immediately, no questions asked and I knew she would be the one for me," said Craig.

The 32-year-old revealed how doctors told him if they did not amputate his legs from the knee down, he would bleed to death.

"It was either life or limb," Craig said. "I was bleeding out so badly that I could have died. I remember telling the doctor: 'You know what, just do what you have to do.'"

Craig's right leg was amputated at the knee, while his left was amputated below the knee.

Craig is determined not to let it take over his life (

Despite still suffering from the trauma of what happened, Craig is determined not to let it take over his life.

Miraculously, in September 2016 - just months after the incident - Craig went back to work. He even went on to complete a race he had signed up for before the accident, in his wheelchair.

Three years on and Craig has participated three times and also kayaks, skis, hand cycles and rope climbs.

"What has happened is now part of me, but I don't lose sight of what I was before and I've found a happy balance," he explained.

Craig also kayaks, skis, hand cycles and rope climbs (

Amanda and Craig are also going from strength to strength and decided to move in together just eight months after the incident. Craig explained he soon realised just how "selfless and kind" Amanda is.

"It shows a lot about that person, to be so comforting for someone who is in that much distress," he explained.

"In that short period of time I quickly learned how selfless and kind she is, especially considering the shape I was in."

Craig went back to work just a few months after the accident (

The couple first met at their local gym, where Amanda worked as a fitness trainer.

"It took a while for me to get the guts to talk to her. I actually would schedule my workouts around the time when she was working," Craig admitted.

"I would say 'hi' and 'bye' and finally I walked up to her. It was a slow process for me. I definitely see a future. As with everything else, we take things day by day."

Craig has since founded Amputee Concierge, a program offering advice, support and information. For more details, you can visit the website.

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