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People are just finding out about 68p hack that can help keep your house warm

People are just finding out about 68p hack that can help keep your house warm

One TikToker shared their hack on how to keep the house warmer for cheap

People are only just discovering a cheap way to heat their homes for less - thanks to a hack shared online by a TikToker. Check it out below:

With recent Arctic blast seeing heating bills in Britain spike by £10 a day, according to The Express, most people are keen on tips for keeping warm for less money.

Thanks to one TikTok user, thousands of homeowners have been gifted one handy tip - and it would only cost them 68p.

In a video uploaded on December 10, TikTok user @the.cosyclub promised viewers that 'gas companies are going to hate this life hack'.

Brandishing a roll of tin foil, the unidentified TikToker tore off a piece of the Tesco kitchen foil and placed it behind their radiator, telling viewers to 'enjoy the extra heat'.

The hack drew some mixed responses from commenters.

One impressed viewer wrote: "Am today years old just finding this out."

The tinfoil is to be placed behind a radiator, where it can 'reflect heat' back into the room.

Other users were apparently already in the know.

One wrote: "I've done this for 22 years, change the foil every four weeks," whilst another said: "It works, I had it in my bedroom as a kid."

Another wrote: "My granny was doing that in the early 70s with oil radiators."

However, others weren't quite as keen on the advice, or were quick to point out that it wasn't anything that they hadn't heard before.

One commented: "Only one problem, I can't afford to even put the radiator on."

Another remarked: "People were doing this in the 70s and 80s. Nothing new!", whilst another said: "People thinking this is a newly discovered thing?"

Snow last week in Closkelt, Northern Ireland.
David Hunter / Alamy Stock Photo

In defence of their hack, The Cosy Club commented on the video: "We understand it's an old hack, but people need this now more than ever! For those who can't afford radiators, we have a whole page of others hacks!"

The tinfoil hack has long been suggested as a way to keep heat within the house - as the tinfoil reflects the heat back into the room, rather than letting it seep through the walls.

Cost cutting hacks are all the rage during the cost of living crisis, as Brits look to cut back on expenses.

However, Quotezone's energy saving expert Jack Ferguson has urged homeowners not to put all of their hope into the tinfoil behind the radiator hack.

Speaking to The Express, Ferguson said: "Radiators only give off around 20 percent radiant heat, the other 80 percent is actually convection heat which will not be reflected anyway."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@the.cosyclub