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A mum claims that she has an incredible technique to get her kids potty trained in just three days, and claims that she can teach anyone to do it.

Any parent will tell you, potty training is a nightmare.

Kids become very used to doing their business in nappies, and it can be difficult to get them to engage with the idea of telling you when they need a potty rapidly shoving underneath them.

What’s more, it can be a pretty disgusting experience for parents, who – not content with having to change nappies each day – now have to deal with accidents and washing all sorts of stuff out of a potty as well.

So, if you knew that there was a way to get it all out of the way in just 72 hours, would you take it?

If the answer is yes, then Courtney Ryrie-Novack might have exactly the method that you need.

The mum is from Scotland but lives in Florida, and has two boys that are aged under four.

On her TikTok account she often shared her views and tips on how parenting is best done, and reckons that her ‘3P rule’ is a great way to potty train kids in only three days.

What are those three Ps, though?

Persistence is key.

Persistence, patience, and praise.

She claims that this technique has worked with her two-year-old son Kolsyn Kai, and he’s now using the potty like a big boy.

The mum explained: "This video is for all the mums that are at the potty training stage of parenthood.

"So the method that I use was very close to the three-day method.

“I'm gonna call mine the 3P method. Ironic, I know. Persistence, patience, and praise.

"And I'm going to break them all down for you to make it a little bit easier.

"Also just to prepare you guys before you make plans, your child is going to be naked the whole three days and you will not be able to leave the house at all for those three days, so make sure you plan around a time you don't have to go out and do anything."

OK, there are sacrifices to be made, but maybe it’s for the greater good.

It starts by giving your child a load of liquids and then putting them onto the potty for a full day.

Courtney continued: "Persistence. This is the most important in the first day, or however long it takes for your child to grasp it.

"Personally for us it was one day to know where the pee goes. Every ten minutes you're going to put your child on the toilet and say 'Do you need to go?'

"The whole day you're going to fill them up with juice, any juice they want. For three days it's not going to matter. And every single ten minutes, toilet. Toilet. Toilet. You do that until it's bedtime.”

Sounds like a hell of a day, but again, we’ve got to persist apparently.

Then, you need to show some patience.

"Now while our son was on the toilet we'd let him use his iPad to keep him on it because at first he was like get me away,” she said.

“But after a couple of times he got the gist.

"He got his iPad so he wanted to go on it. And he kind of tried tricking us sometimes by sitting on it for like 20 minutes so he could watch 20 minutes of his iPad, but we kind of let it pass the first day because it is his first day.

"At the end of the first day he knew wait, I need to pee, so he'd come and get us so we'd take him to the toilet.

"By the time the second day came he was going to the toilet by himself. That was great for us."

Onto the second ‘P’ then.


"When it comes to patience, the reason you need this is because the first day especially there's going to be a lot of accidents,” she said.

"Anyone would have that. We actually had to replace our play mats because he peed on them a couple times.

"If they miss, no big deal, clean it up. Because if you make them feel negative about it, they won't want to do it anymore.

"By the end of the first day the accidents reduced a lot, and we had no accidents for us personally on the second day in regards to the peeing department."

Then, there’s the praise element.

If they do it well - give them some praise!

That involves giving them lots of positive feedback for doing the job well, as well as giving them a sticker, some sweets, or a toy as a motivator.

Courtney concluded: "By the end of day one, Kolsyn was coming to get us every single time he needed the bathroom for us to take him to the potty.

“By the end of day two, beginning of day three, he was going all by himself.

"Honestly, I was so shocked at how fast he did it!"

There you have it then, if you’ve got three days and nothing to do, maybe this method might be the one for you.

Featured Image Credit: Elly Godfroy/Alamy Stock Photo/Instagram/@scottishcourt

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