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Mum divides opinion after giving baby 'cat's name'

Mum divides opinion after giving baby 'cat's name'

Some people were torn over the unusual name.

A mum has hit back at TikTok trolls after they criticised her unusual choice of baby name, with many insisting it would be better for a cat.

YouTuber @jasminechiswell took to TikTok where she accused followers of 'bullying' her 11-month-old son because of the name she and her partner had chosen for him.

"At this point you're bullying an 11-month-old baby," Jasmine wrote, quoting a comment in a TikTok video.

Jasmine hit back at trolls.

The YouTuber previously revealed her son's quirky name, and the reason behind why they decided to opt for the unusual choice.

Explaining that her husband's name is Maverick, Jasmine said: "The reason why we wanted to do bizarre names is because Maverick wasn't really a name."

In the clip, dad Maverick added: "When I was growing up Maverick wasn't really considered a name.

"Now it's on the baby names list, basically a normal name, but back in my day, it was not a normal name.

"So when people judge his name now, it's like you don't know what's going to become normal in 30, 20 years."

The couple decided to name their little boy Midnight, which certainly caused a bit of a divide on social media.

Many people said they loved the name, with one writing: "I love it so much!!!!!! It’s so unique and fun!!!! I’m so happy for you guys!!!"

While another added: "What a beautiful name! My name is unique too although I did get bullied for having it I love it as an adult and I have a friend who’s name is Storm and she loves it! So screw the nasty comments!!!"

And a third said: "Awwww baby midnight is so cute midnight suits him well."

A fourth wrote: "Midnight is an adorable and great name for a baby they are just hating."

The couple explained why they chose the name.
YouTube/Jasmine Chiswell

Others were less enthusiastic, however, with one person writing on TikTok: "It's a cute name but your child will be an adult so..."

While a second wrote: "I mean it's cool and all but how will he get a serious job later in life with that name? Not to be rude but like."

Others claimed it was a 'cat's name', with one writing: "That's the name of my cat."

Another added that their cat had also been named Midnight - and Middy for short - but explained they loved it all the same.

"I had a cat named Midnight, we called her Middy! I always loved the nickname," they wrote.

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