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Woman praised for having 'nesting party' instead of baby shower

Woman praised for having 'nesting party' instead of baby shower

This is SUCH a great alternative to a baby shower

A woman has been praised for having a ‘nesting party’ instead of a baby shower, with others saying it’s frankly the best idea EVER.

While some expectant mums might appreciate a baby shower to celebrate their little one before he or she arrives, there’s no denying that they can often feel a bit weird.

Guessing the circumference of the mum-to-be's belly? Bet she LOVES that game. Everyone slurping Prosecco while she’s on the Schloer? Sure that goes down equally well. And don’t even get me started on the melted chocolate bars in the nappies, made to look like... well, you know what.

But one person has bucked the trend by swerving the baby shower in favour of a nesting party, which actually sounds like a pretty brilliant idea.

Nia (@nialui21) shared a TikTok video explaining the premise, writing: “Every pregnant mom needs a nesting party. If you’re pregnant and don’t want a baby shower, do this. If you have a pregnant friend, do this for them!”

Nia hosted a 'nesting party' instead of a baby shower.

In the clip, we see friends and loved ones arrive at the house, which wasn’t decked out with the usual pastel-coloured streamers and balloons.

Instead, guests were given a list of tasks to get through to help mum ahead of the birth, before sitting down to a nice meal on the sofa together.

Nia said: “So I had my nesting party last night instead of a baby shower, and it was amazing.”

She said it was organised by her friend, who was given a list of things that needed doing before the baby arrived.

“She made little cards for each person to take on a section of the house.

“I kind of took on more of a supervisor role, telling people where I wanted things and what I wanted to do with things.

This is seriously SUCH a great idea.

“And then we take a dinner break, ate some soup, some sourdough bread, some treats, and just chatted about this baby and how it’s gonna be.

“And then we got straight back to work, and everything was so clean and organised.

“I feel so much more ready for this baby.”

She said everyone also brought her freezer meals so that she’d be all set once she’d given birth.

“It was so much fun!” she added. “I highly recommend a nesting party.”

In another video, Nia explained she doesn’t really like baby showers in general, and doesn’t like ‘being the centre of attention’.

“I don’t like playing dumb games,” the mum-of-three – who has recently given birth - said. I just don’t. I don’t.”

Everyone was rewarded with some soup and bread.

She’s now calling on others to follow suit, hoping to make the cleaning parties a new ‘trend’.

“It’s just like being a village and being a community of just helping each other do stuff,” Nia said.

And it seems many others are already sold, with one commenting: “Honestly I’d prefer doing this to sitting for three hours watching someone open presents.”

Someone else said: “Can I have a toddler nesting party?? B/c I’m not having anymore babies but I need help cleaning up after my kids haha.”

Featured Image Credit: Westend61/Getty Images / TikTok/@nialui21

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