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Mum causes outrage after sharing contents of her child's lunchbox

Mum causes outrage after sharing contents of her child's lunchbox

There's more to it than first appears

Children's lunches have long been the subject of contentious debate.

What should and shouldn't be allowed into a lunchbox has had people up in arms. It changes year on year, whether a child should have crisps, snacks, fruits, or processed food.

Mmm delicious.
TikTok / itsmebadmom

However, one mum has drawn criticism online after showing what she includes in her child's lunch. Let's just say that she makes some slightly unorthodox inclusions in the lunchbox.

The lunch consists of not a great deal, even for someone with a small appetite.

The user captioned the post 'My child's pack lunch for today'.

So what was in this lunchbox?

Well, lets start with the sandwich, if you can call it that. This consisted of a single slice of white bread - the crust piece no less - folded over with the crust side smeared with margarine, which the mum insisted made it taste better.

This was served alongside a bag of ready salted crisps. There was even a small Slushpuppy tub of jelly for afters.

All this was then washed down with a can of Coke Zero, which was chucked into the not particularly clean-looking lunchbox, where the 'sandwich' sat, unwrapped.

Viewers of the video were flabbergasted by the lunch that the mum had prepared, and took to the comment section to express their feelings at what they just witnessed.

The final lunch.
TikTok / itsmebadmom

One wrote: "That bit of bread that always sees the bin! Maybe I’ll try buttering it your way."

Another said: "Is this FR? Like the bread is flaring my ocd so bad and the fact its not even wrapped or in a bag is making it worse."

A third posted: "Is that how u treat ur son omg that packed lunch box looks like it been dirty for over a year."

However, don't panic, there's no need to call child protective services. A closer look at the name of the account will give a clue that all might not be as it appears.

The account is called 'itsmebadmom', which suggests that the video might be tongue in cheek.

In fact, the packed lunch is a running gag on the TikTok account, with other iterations including increasingly ridiculous items for the child's lunch. These feature a pack of multivitamins, a tub of raw onions, a packet of firecrackers, and a vape.

Sounds like a delicious and nutritious lunch frankly. They don't know how well they have it. Back in my day you got a tub of lard and a pickled egg and you liked it.

Featured Image Credit: Credit: TikTok / itsmebadmom

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