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People outraged after mum takes colour out of children’s Christmas decorations

People outraged after mum takes colour out of children’s Christmas decorations

She has been slammed on TikTok for her controversial decision

A woman has been slammed after spray painting her child’s toys beige to go with her house aesthetic.

American mum Nattie received backlash on TikTok after sharing how she transformed her child’s Christmas toys from brightly coloured to more muted tones.

In the video, posted to her @nattiejopo account, Nattie can be seen unwrapping a new Christmas tree toy that has lots of bright colours, and claiming that she wanted to transform it to go with her living room.

She said: “Go ahead and call me crazy or a sad beige mum for what I’m about to do, but today I’m giving the Step2 ‘My First Christmas Tree’ a total makeover.

“I’m leaning into my inner Pinterest mum, with a vision to neutralise the tree, and I can already hear you thinking that I’m going to ruin my toddlers Christmas by painting over these colours.”

Well, she guessed right.

The tree toy before.

In the clip, she can be seen taking the different parts of the vibrant Christmas tree toy, and spray painting them in her garden with more neutral colours.

Nattie painted the tree itself a much darker green, the yellow star on top gold, and the baubles all different shades of brown and beige.

She gave some tips to other mums wanting to transform their children’s toys too, reminding them to hang the baubles up while spraying them.

When the tree was completed, she said: “It is definitely giving modern, organic vibes, I might even go back in and add some little velvet ribbon bows.

“But I need your guys help, should I paint the train or leave it as is? I can’t decide.”

The finished result.

Many TikTok users took to the comments to share their opinions on her decision.

One person said: “I work in children’s developmental research and they need colour so badly!”

Another added: "I’m a beige mum but come on!

“The kids love colours, especially at Christmas time.”

Someone else sarcastically commented: “Yes, gorgeous!

“Stunt your child’s development by turning anything colourful into a sad beige!!”

While another slammed: "I'm so glad you put your needs first."

Nattie later shared another TikTok addressing the criticism she received for being a 'beige mum'.

In the video, she shows her child playing with lots of colourful toys with Cilla Black's song 'Surprise! Surprise!' playing over the top.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@nattiejopo

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