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Mum slammed over ‘disgusting and cruel’ Elf on the Shelf setup for kids

Mum slammed over ‘disgusting and cruel’ Elf on the Shelf setup for kids

A TikTok creator has been slammed online over a 'disgusting' Elf on the Shelf setup.

Elf on the Shelf is very much a long-running Christmas tradition amongst many households, one that is often documented on social media.

Not exactly all of them have gone to plan though, just ask the mum embarked on 'extreme' Elf on the Shelf pranks that have led to her kids being late to school.

And one mum who tried to blow her kids away with a new elf setup has been criticised by many online for a 'disgusting' and 'cruel' act.

TikTok creator Cece shared 'Day 6' of Elf on the Shelf on the popular video platform earlier this month, something that involved real fish.

Cece set up the elf in the corner of a bathtub, boasting a pretend fishing road while overlooking the fish.

The goldfish were tipped out into the bath after Cece ran the bath for a short period of time.

"Don't mind me, just fishing!" a note written by the creator read next to the elf.

The TikToker then filmed the goldfish frantically swimming around in the shallow water, before focusing the camera on the elf's face.

"Let's go fishing!" the content creator added in the caption to the video.

While Cece was likely hoping for all fun and games, she was instead met with a lot of criticism in the comments for the video.

More than 6,000 TikTok users have flocked to the comments section of the video, and the majority have certainly not held back.

"This is actually disturbing. How careless and selfish. Let’s just kill a bunch of fish for elf on the shelf DISGUSTING," one user penned.

A second added: "Could've easily used fake fish, this is disgusting and cruel."

While a third remarked: "Please tell me no fish were harmed in the making of this prank."

The video has been widely criticised.

After watching the video, PETA’s Vice President of Programmes Elisa Allen told The Sun: "This mother needs a vital lesson in empathy, especially since she is responsible for imparting such values to her growing child.

"Fish, unlike The Elf on the Shelf, are living, feeling beings with personalities and a desire to be free, and it’s sickening to see them doomed – reduced to objects of a gimmick for social media views.

"PETA urges parents to use common decency when it comes to spreading festive cheer by leaving animals in peace."

Tyla has reached out to Cece for comment.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@butterrgirll

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