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Mum reveals 'extreme' Elf on the Shelf pranks that have led to kids being late to school

Mum reveals 'extreme' Elf on the Shelf pranks that have led to kids being late to school

Her neighbours called her 'crazy'

We've all got our own little rituals when it comes to Christmas.

From decorating the tree and sorting stocking fillers to perusing the Crimbo markets and cosying up to all the best festive flicks - we all love a good Christmas tradition.

However, it seems one mum has truly taken it to the next level after revealing her 'extreme' Elf on the Shelf pranks have led to her kids being late to school. Have a look:

The mum-of-three, Claire Henderson, first began the whole Elf on the Shelf fiasco 10 years ago to entertain her little ones throughout December and every year, her ideas have become more and more extreme.

Claire, who hails from Worsley in Manchester, admitted to teachers that her kids were late for school because they had a 'confetti fight'.

Other pranks in the mum's arsenal include graffitiing 'elves rule' on the side of her car, covering her entire kitchen and worktops in hundreds of googly eyes as a warning that the elves are 'watching' at all times as well as wrapping her living room furniture and carpet in bubble wrap as bubbles blow into the room.

Claire has admitted that her neighbours think she's 'crazy' after one of her stunts saw her build an entire museum in her home dedicated to Christmas 'poop'.

And it's not just the neighbours as the mum, who is in her 30s, revealed her own partner think she's mad but says she doesn't care because she is making special memories for her kids.

Claire's neighbours have called her 'crazy' for the 'extreme' Elf on the Shelf pranks.
Kennedy News and Media

Claire explained: "I don't care that people think I'm over the top.

"I get people asking me why I do this and go to all this effort and that I'm a bit crazy, but it's about making great memories for my kids.

"They might not remember the presents I get them when they're young but they will remember having confetti fights before school and having chocolate for breakfast twice a year."

Clearly aware of her reputation at the school drop-off, she went on: "I think I'm known for my Elf on the Shelfs. At school I get called the crazy elf lady and I haven't seen anyone go to as much effort as me.

"I am a little bit crazy but I do it for me too because it makes me laugh."

"I told my kids that we were given crazy elves," she continued. "You have to ask for them and I told the children that we asked for the naughtiest, craziest ones and that is what we got."

The mum-of-three revealed she is known at school as the 'crazy elf lady'.
Kennedy News and Media

This year, Claire, who sets each design up when her children have gone to bed, has transformed her kitchen into a giant aquarium and hot chocolate station.

And, on day two of Elf on the Shelf, she also served her kids a North Pole breakfast which she says is a favourite and comes out every Christmas.

While her eldest son, 15-year-old Jaeden, is now in the know about his mum's pranks - her other kids, Harley, 10, and Remi, four, still believe in the elves' magic.

Claire said: "My little girl loved the confetti one and we had a confetti fight.

"The kids were late for school and when I told their teacher why, she said she had never heard a confetti fight as an excuse before and said it sounded fun."

And as for the cost for all that?

Claire says she has a 'really strange mind' so she doesn't 'struggle to come up with ideas'.
Kennedy News and Media

Well, the mum claims she's spent around £50 this year on Elf on the Shelf props as she reuses parts from previous years and buys a lot of her supplies reduced in the January sales.

"I've just got a really strange mind so I don't struggle to come up with ideas," she carried on. "I need more days, I have so many ideas. The idea sometimes comes from things I've seen on TV."

Much to people's surprise, Claire doesn't actually 'spend a fortune' on the tricks.

Opting for a green approach to the tomfoolery, she explained: "I reuse everything I use and make everything myself.

"I get a lot of things reduced in the January sales and have things lying around the house from crafts over the years."

After every visit from the 'naughty' elves, Claire posts a video on her TikTok to showcase the latest Elf on the Shelf stunt and has clocked up a following of more than 33,000 people on Instagram who love her morning reveals.

And I thought a bit of tinsel was overkill.

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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