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Mum shocked after 10-year-old daughter says she wants iPhone, iPad and laptop for Christmas

Mum shocked after 10-year-old daughter says she wants iPhone, iPad and laptop for Christmas

The young girl wants quite the list of presents from Santa this year

Many of us will be guilty of a childhood of extravagant Christmas lists, writing down all sorts of things we didn’t need and probably didn’t actually want.

We’d sit with a catalogue and circle all the exciting toys we were hoping for Santa to bring.

But nowadays a lot of kids would rather have the latest tech than the latest toys.

And one mum was pretty shocked when her 10-year-old daughter declared she wants an iPhone, iPad and laptop this Christmas.

And on top of these pricey pieces, she also wants some make up and a £235 trip with the school paying for.

This was shared after a TikToker announced she would be bringing back her popular ‘Christmas on a Budget’ series.

This year, mum Hannah is budgeting £100 per child for their gifts and is going to try and do it by mostly buying second-hand where she can.

Hannah said there's 'no way' she'd buy all the presents.

She told her own 10-year-old daughter about the other child’s gifts, who declared it was too much and ‘too many screens’, recommending the mum gets ‘her toys’ instead.

Hannah added: “My take on this is it is an extortionate amount of money for what she’s listed. It doesn’t sound like stuff a 10-year-old… if they weren’t being shown it, it’s not something I think they would naturally gravitate towards.

“If that was me there’s no way.”

She did add that it isn’t the child’s ‘fault’ and 10-year-old’s ‘have no concept of money’.

Hannah also said: “If you’re gonna get one of those things, I would be getting one, I would be getting it second-hand, get insurance on it and a really good case because they’ll break.”

Both the TikToker and her daughter recommended just getting an iPad.

Hannah said children have 'no concept of money'.

Users agreed it was too much, as they commented: “I’m sorry but a 10year old doesn’t need a new iPhone, nor do they need both an iPad and laptop. Nope!!”

Another agreed: “In the same way your first car needs to be a banger, first phone should be rubbish! she’ll deffo lose it or drop it!”

One added: “I do spoil my kid a bit and we are lucky we can afford to do it but never in a million years would I say yes to this - like you say they all do same!”

Others also advised: “I don’t think a 10 year old would need a iPhone, iPad and laptop especially all in one go. You could get her a second hand iPhone if she needs a phone.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@hannahhomeeducates / Milamai/Getty Images

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