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Teacher reveals list of things she hates parents buying their kids for school

Teacher reveals list of things she hates parents buying their kids for school

She took to TikTok to share the rundown

One primary school teacher has come forward to reveal the list of things she hates the most about what parents buy their little ones.

The teacher, who goes by the handle @teaching.rural online, took to TikTok to share the rundown and it's caused quite the debate online.

She started off the video with the overlay text reading: "Things I've grown to hate as a primary school teacher (infants edition)."


Up first on the list is 'non-sports cap water bottles' - presumably because her pupils either need constant assistance unscrewing the bottle lids, screwing them back on or losing them altogether.

Next is 'lace up shoes' is which pretty self-explanatory considering a primary school teacher probably does not want to be faffing about with relentlessly tying up the laces of an entire class or else risking them tripping over untied shoes.

Non-sports cap water bottles are apparently a major pet peeve for teachers.

Third on the rundown are a specific type of pencil case; not the simple zip-up ones, but the hard plastic kind with an in-built pencil sharpener, probably because such pencil cases are a faff to get open.

And last but not least is any piece of fruit with skin due to the incessant requests to peel open an endless amount of oranges and bananas which can make a total mess too.

Lace-up shoes were second on the teacher's list of things she hates parents buy their kids.

"Things that annoy me as a teacher…" the woman captioned the video.

Hundreds have since rushed in to share their views on the list with one TikTok user writing: "The bottles are the worst by a mile! Every time they fall over it distracts the kids for 10 minutes or more!"

"'Can you open my bottle for me' during Covid was the worst," admitted a second while a third chimed in: "Lace ups that are always damp when you retie them."

A fourth offered: "As a PSA I feel you!"

A heated debate was sparked in the comments.

"I don’t blame ya," echoed another. "They take their shoes off ten times a day!"

A sixth added: "I don't understand parents that send their kids to school with things they don't know how to do themselves."

Others, however were seemingly way less sympathetic.

"The fruit thing shouldn't be an issue. We teach and encourage kids throughout nursery to peel their own fruit even from the baby room," explained one viewer.

A second hit out: "In the wrong job."

Many people could relate to the annoyance of having to peel fruit for an entire class of pupils.

"Things that annoy me as a teacher… teachers who use TikTok to make parents feel bad," slammed a third, while a fourth piped up: "As a primary school teacher myself, I think you're in the wrong profession."

What do you make of it?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@teacher.rural/SrdjanPav/Getty Images

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