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Parents divided over how often to change their children's pyjamas

Parents divided over how often to change their children's pyjamas

The discussion has given way to a variety of opinions

If there's one thing that will get parents talking, it's debates about childrearing.

Whether that's discussing if they should breastfeed or go with formula or debating discipline methods, there's no end to the discussions.

How often should you wash your kid's pyjamas? Parents on Reddit weren't so sure.

Parents on Reddit recently shared their thoughts on how often a child should change their pyjamas.

A Reddit user wrote: "I've a toddler and an 8 year old and my wife insists they wear clean pyjamas every night, whereas I think it should be less frequent.

"How long do your children wear their pyjamas? This doesn't include summer months!"

And just like that, a debate began.

Some parents were set in their ways, and had routines in place with regards to their children's sleepwear.

"I have a seven-year-old and three-year-old. They each have two sets of pyjamas and wear them on alternate nights, each gets washed once a week," one parent wrote.

Another concurred: "Fresh jammies every night because a nightly bath is part of our routine."

One parent who was in agreement wrote: "Simple. Eat dinner, Bath/Shower, Into PJs, Bedtime story, Bed. Generally Pjs are washed every third day and sheets on Fridays."

Most parents, however, seemed to have a more casual approach to bedtime hygiene.

Parents were divided over how often they should change their child's pyjamas.

One Redditor wrote: "My son is five - as long as he doesn’t spill all his breakfast down then he's good in one set for four days."

A fellow parent remarked: "I have a toddler and an eight-year-old. Toddler normally lasts two nights in the same PJ's unless she's leaked or got breakfast down them.

"My eight-year-old mainly sleeps just in his boxers so can get four to five nights from his pjs as he's not as messy with breakfast and doesn't actually sleep in them so there more for chilling in."

Many parents deployed that fool proof method used by millions around the world who want to know if they can get away with wearing their jeans for an extra day.

I am of course talking about...the sniff test.

One parent commented: "Sniff test. Smells bad then change. Been on for a week, change. That's all."

And this dad also had an extremely flexible approach, writing, "For as long as they're clean? My kids are two & three, so anywhere from five minutes to a week."

For some parents, the answer should have been blatantly obvious.

One person wrote: "What? You don't wash them every day?"

Every day's a school day on Reddit.

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