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Nurse shares shocking things she's heard fathers say during childbirth

Nurse shares shocking things she's heard fathers say during childbirth

Remarks ranged from the daft to the downright offensive

A nurse has shared the most shocking things she’s heard fathers say during childbirth, having also encouraged others to come forward with their own horror stories.

Giving birth to a baby is notoriously painful – hardly surprising, given what you’re forced to push out and where from.

Of course, there are some things mothers can do to help ease the agony, whether it’s a cheeky bit of gas and air, an epidural or some good, old-fashioned breathing exercises.

But one nurse has found that there’s often someone else in the room struggling...

Anna (@anna.the.nurse) regularly shares TikTok videos about her experiences caring for people, specialising in birth, postpartum and motherhood.

In a recent clip, she shared some of the most shocking things fathers have said as their partner is giving birth - and some of them left other users feeling more than just a little triggered.

“You see and hear some crazy things working in labor and delivery,” Anna said, adding: “Feel free to share your shocking stories.”

The remarks ranged from the daft to the downright offensive.

The video saw her don her finest drawn-on stubble to step into character of the new dads she’d come across, whose remarks ranged from the daft to the downright offensive.

Anna’s ‘shocking things dads have said during childbirth’:

  • “Does it really hurt THAT bad?”
  • “That’s never going to look the same again.”
  • “So how do we go about getting a paternity test?” (While she is in stirrup and pushing)
  • “No, no, no! She doesn’t need anything for pain.”
  • “When do you think she’ll have the baby? Because I’m really hungry and need to go grab some food.”
  • “Why is it taking so long?”
  • “Yawn... My back hurts so much from sleeping on that char.” (While her epidural is only working on one side)
  • “Are you really trying your hardest?” (While she is pushing and throwing up)
  • Can you be a little more quiet? You’re being too loud.”
  • “I can’t hold your hand right now, I need to take this call. I’ll be right back.”
  • “I’m not going to hold her leg.”
  • “Can you put in an extra stitch for me?”
  • “It shouldn’t be that hard!”

She also added a shout-out for ‘the dad who literally doesn’t even talk’, showing him stood in the corner on his phone, paying zero attention to the labour itself.

And fellow TikTokers felt equally shocked by the quotes, while others came forward with their own equally horrifying experiences.

“Not the husband stitch...” one commented.

Someone else wrote: “I’ll never forget I saw that someone asked for the husband stitch and dr said ‘sure, how small do you need it?’ Lol.”

Another said: “My man would get kicked out and replaced with my bestie so fast.”

A third added: “I had one man say it’s not as bad as when he had appendicitis. "As his wife was screaming and vomiting. He also complained during her crash CS that he was feeling hungry and might pass out.”

Featured Image Credit: anna.the.nurse/TikTok

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