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Mum welcomes newborn baby weighing 13.2 pounds with head full of hair

Mum welcomes newborn baby weighing 13.2 pounds with head full of hair

A hospital has revealed the birth of a whopping 13.2 pound baby

A hospital has revealed the birth of a whopping 13.2 pound baby.

Entering into the world just in time for Independence Day on 4 July, a 13.2 lbs (5.9kg) baby was born at Williamson Medical Center in Franklin, US earlier this week.

But is the baby the largest to have ever been born?

According to the Guinness World Records, the largest baby - on record - to have ever been born was similarly in the United States.

On 19 January, 1879, a woman named Giantess Anna Bates gave birth to a boy weighing a mega 22 pounds (9.98kg) and measuring an impressive 71.12cm (28in).

The birth took place at home, but sadly the baby passed away 11 hours later.

Good wishes have rained in on social media in response to the birth of this 13.2 lbs baby born just before 4 July, with gorgeous photos taken by Kirsty Lloyd Photography being shared online.

One Facebook user wrote: "Precious... the knitted bomb pop is awesome too."

The baby weighed in at a whopping 13.2 lbs.
Kirsty Lloyd Photography

"Absolutely adorable! Congratulations to Mom for delivering a football player," another commented.

A third said: "Wow! He’s such a cutie. Has a headful of hair to go with that cute outfit." And a fourth added: "Congratulations it seems like a lot of big babies have been born lately."

And it indeed seems babies are continuing to get bigger and bigger.

Salitza Richards from Dallas, Texas gave birth to a baby who at the age of just six months fit into 12-18 month clothes.

At the age of 19 months, Xaylen Asher Richard even fit into his four-year-old brother's clothes.

The mum said: "It was insane how fast he grew. He was above the 100 percentile every time we went to the doctor. It was hilarious the first time we went to the doctor when he had his two week check up. She asked us if were sure we had the right baby as he always looked older for his age.

"I was concerned for his health as I wondered if it was healthy for baby to be as fat as he was and she said everything was perfect."

The toddler was able to fit into his four-year-old brother's clothes.

And babies aren't just getting bigger in the US either, but in the UK too!

Ruby Eden from Cheshire, UK, gave birth to a boy who came out looking like the 'size of a toddler'.

Born at 11lbs 13oz, medics gasped as the 24-year-old gave birth to the baby boy.

Reflecting on the birth, Ruby said: "I was extremely shocked when I saw Teddie for the first time.

"He was like a toddler. He was massive. My husband saw him and just said ‘he's a chunky boy’ as he was stunned.

"All the midwives gasped when they saw Teddie come out and I wished I had filmed my family members expressions when they met him for the first time."

Featured Image Credit: Kirsty Lloyd Photography

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