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Mum on benefits defends spending £10,000 on her children's Christmas presents

Mum on benefits defends spending £10,000 on her children's Christmas presents

She opened up about her festive spending

As we start our seven-week countdown to Christmas day - it's safe to say many of us are rushing to the shops and online checkouts to get our present-buying sorted ahead of time.

Now, many parents differ when it comes to the amount of money they agree to spend each year on their kids' Crimbo gifts but one mum's budget is pretty high.

Mum-of-three Whitney Ainscough, who goes by the handle @itsmebadmom on social media, has opened up about her festive spending and has defended forking out £10,000 on her children's presents.

Mum-of-three Whitney Ainscough has defended spending £10k on her children's Christmas presents.

While some parents scrimp and save in the run-up before Christmas - others clearly have no issue pushing the boat out.

Whitney explained that her daughter Cora, 11, son Addison, six, and second daughter Adley, two, will each be getting at least 10 'big' presents on the special day alongside some stocking fillers and pre-Christmas goodies.

The 30-year-old was on Universal Credit until early September when she started making enough income via TikTok.

She has addressed the 'trolls' who may find issue with her spending thousands on Christmas presents from money she's saved up from benefits payments.

"I don't care what the trolls think," Whitney told The Sun. "I’m a benefits mum, living in a council house who's spending thousands on her kids for Christmas and I’m proud.

Whitney revealed her daughter wants a £1.2k solid gold bracelet for Christmas.

"I am spoiling my kids because they deserve it. My daughter wants a £1.2k solid gold bracelet, my son wants a top-of-the-range VR gaming kit and the latest iPhone and iPad.

"I’ve saved my benefits. It’s been a hard year. We deserve posh presents. I told the kids they can have whatever they want."

Whitney, who no longer claims benefits, went on to explain: "I was legally entitled to. I worked in a chemist for many years and only stopped because the wraparound childcare costs after I had my youngest made it too expensive.

"I put in so it’s fine to take out."

She also added that she only wants to spend the funds on her kids rather than herself, adding: "I adore my kids and I am planning to spoil them rotten.

The mum said she was planning to spoil her kids 'rotten'.

"But I don’t feel the need to spend on myself, ironically. Seeing them happy on December 25 is all I need. I don’t actually want lavish gifts."

Such gifts for the children include; £160 Ugg Boots, designer clothes, a new laptop, a Meta Quest 3 VR headset for £470, £330 Nintendo Switch OLED and a two-night stay at Peppa Pig World.

"I am budgeting around £2k per child and that doesn't include their day trips," Whitney continued. "It’s going to be huge."

She added: "I really don’t care what people think of me. It’s honestly water off a duck’s back. I love my kids and I want them to have the best.

"To me that means giving them presents they want. That might not be every mum’s choice - fair enough. But it is for me."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@itsmebadmom

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