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Mum left devastated after only two children showed up to daughter's birthday party

Mum left devastated after only two children showed up to daughter's birthday party

The mum was gutted for her little girl.

Organising a kid's birthday party can be stressful. Not only is there heaps of planning involved, but many parents have to constantly chase RSVPs to find out which friends are actually attending.

And one mum was left heartbroken for her daughter when only two of her little girl's friends actually turned up to her second birthday party.

TikToker Bre urged parents to do better after 10 of her daughter's friends RSVP'd to say they would be attending, but only two turned up, alongside one of the friend's siblings.

The mum was gutted that only a few turned up to her daughter's birthday party.

Bre, from Perth, Australia, had hired out a play centre for her little girl's special day, where she had to pay per person for the session.

She kitted it out with heaps of beautiful decorations, including a spectacular balloon arch - complete with a decorated swing - personalised place mats and a delicious array of party food and party bags to take away.

"Wouldn't wish this on anyone but to all the parents that go through this, all that matters is that your child had fun and that you did your part," she wrote.

In the video, Bre explained what had happened, expressing how hurt she was for her little girl, but adding that she's still at an age where she didn't really notice.

"It's really sad and it's something you wouldn't wish for your family member. We had 10 parents tell us that their kids would be there and because it's play centre as well you have to pay per child," she explained.

"However it was only her day care bestie and her day care bestie's older sister and her cousin that showed up.

"The rest didn't even message to say they couldn't make it. One of them got back to me five hours later saying, 'sorry I was taking a nap'.

No-one bothered to message the mum to let her know they wouldn't be attending.

"The birthday girl did not let it ruin her day at all... We are so thankful for the people that did come and that she was surrounded by genuine love on her special day.

"Parents, please do better - if you can't come just say so."

Other parents were gutted for Bre, with one commenting: "Honestly these adults need to grow up. Why would you say you’re coming and not even show up. I’m so sorry this happened. You are such a great mumma."

And a second said: "I'm SO sorry... this is so upsetting and very disheartening... As a child's party entertainer I've been hired for a party where not one invited child came."

The mum urged others to do better.

A third added: "This happened to my daughter too! she was like mum where's all my friends? Some parents are so slack! Ones that said they were coming never turned up. Some didn't even say yes or no."

This is heartbreaking, but we're so glad she still had a fabulous time.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@missbreparker

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