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Mum slammed after revealing she lets eight-year-old daughter get acrylic nails

Mum slammed after revealing she lets eight-year-old daughter get acrylic nails

She sparked a heated discussion online

One mum has sparked a heated discussion online after revealing she lets eight-year-old daughter get acrylic nails.

The mum and ultra-talented nail tech, Chadé, who goes by the handle @ceohnailco online, took to TikTok to share with her thousands of followers the acrylic set she did for her child.

Chadé explained the nails were for her daughter's birthday and opened up about her decision to do them. Have a look:

The TikTok began by showing Chadé's daughter sat in a chair ready to get her nails done with the overlay text reading: "My eight-year-old daughter wants XL nails."

She then cut to a clip of her trimming down the acrylics to a more natural length, adding: "But baby NOT TODAY!!"

Carrying on filming the process, the mum continued: "Keeping it short and sweet for the next eight more years.

"She wasn’t very happy but she’ll thank me later…lol."

The mum filmed the process of doing her eight-year-old's birthday nails.

The video then cut to the end result - a blue-themed manicure featuring some ombré French tips and sparkles.

"Blue is her favourite colour so we did a simple and cute freestyle," she concluded.

Chadé later explained: "My kids wear them for two to three weeks but they’re pretty good about being gentle and clean when they have them.

"I would recommend the same for others."

She captioned the short clip: "Doing my eight-year-old's nails for her bday. What ya’ll think?"

People clearly didn't hold back with their opinions on the video which has since gone viral after clocking up more than a staggering 4.5 million views on the platform, alongside hundreds upon hundreds of comments.

The TikTok clocked up a staggering 4.5 million views.

Some weren't too bothered by the situation at all and absolutely loved the manicure with one TikTok user praising: "Love it, definitely something she will never forget, her first time getting her nails done. Great job!"

A fellow mum chimed in: "My daughter is 11 and we're going together for the first time tomorrow!"

"I took my daughter for her first mani/pedi before she turned two," revealed a third. "What is wrong with that. It’s cute if they like it."

A fourth echoed: "They are so pretty and age-appropriate."

Others, however, couldn't have disagreed more with many revealing the ages they were first allowed to get their nails done.

"Bro I couldn’t even GET acrylic till I was 15!" hit out one TikTok user.

Many people praised the talented mum's 'pretty and age-appropriate' nail design.

A second admitted: "My mum wouldn’t let me get acrylic nails until I was 17!"

"My mum only allows me to PAINT my nails," penned a third.

In a comment - automatically translated from French - one person said: "It's overkill, it's too long."

Another comment - translated from German - added: "If it's for a single birthday it's ok... just not permanently at that age."

"I have very long nails and do it myself," added a third viewer, "but I would never think of doing it to my 12-year-old."

A final TikTok user slammed: "Never. Risk of injury! I know how painful that can be!"

What do you make of it?

Featured Image Credit: Credit: TikTok/@ceohnailco

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