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Mum admits she uses Apple AirTag to track her three-year-old daughter

Mum admits she uses Apple AirTag to track her three-year-old daughter

The mum has said using the Apple AirTag gives her 'peace of mind'

A mum has admitted to using an Apple AirTag to track her three-year-old daughter for that extra bit of peace of mind.

As any parent can relate, the thought of losing our little ones when out and about in busy areas isn't even fathomable.

But if the worst was to happen, a way to be able to quickly track our children's location would be an absolute life-saver.

And as this one mum has realised, an Apple AirTag does just that.

Brooke King has started attaching an AirTag to her three-year-old daughter when they're out and about in busy areas.
ABC News

Brooke King, from the US, recently spoke to Good Morning America about her hack and how it gives her some peace of mind when out with her daughter Kella, who at three-years-old is too young for a mobile phone.

"I always find myself running after her quickly ... I didn't want to teach her that if she ran off, I would just run after her and it was OK to continue this behavior," Brooke explained to the outlet.

The mum said when she and Kella are out in crowded areas, she has an AirTag on her daughter's wrist in the form of a bracelet - so if they were, for some reason, to be separated, Brooke would be able to use her iPhone to track Kella's location.

Although it must be noted that in order to track an AirTag, it has to be within a certain Bluetooth range of the iPhone it is already connected to.

"It does help me feel more in control of the situation," Brooke said of her hack. "As a parent, my top priority is her safety in addition to her ability to have some independence."

AirTags are only able to be tracked when they're within a certain Bluetooth distance of the iPhone they're connected to.
James D. Morgan/Getty Images

Parenting expert Ericka Souter mirrored Brooke's thoughts, with her telling GMA that AirTags can be a good way to give young children independence and let parents look out for their kids at the same time.

"If you have little ones who may be walking to school alone for the first time or going to after school activities and you just want to make sure that they're safe, [an AirTag might be a good idea]," Ericka explained.

"Parents have a lot of safety concerns in this day and age."

However, Apple told ABC News that AirTags are meant to track items and not people, and suggested customers can use the Apple Watch instead to stay on top of their children's whereabouts because it has more 'robust safety features'.

Featured Image Credit: ABC News

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