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Woman slams mother-in-law who tried to change baby’s name whilst she was giving birth

Woman slams mother-in-law who tried to change baby’s name whilst she was giving birth

The woman took to Reddit to see if she was being unreasonable

A woman has slammed her mother-in-law after she tried to change her baby’s name... while she was actually giving birth.

Many Reddit users like to use the site’s popular ‘Am I the A**hole’ forum as a bit of a sense-check for the drama in their lives.

Should I really be forced to move plane seats if a fellow passenger is desperate to sit with their boyfriend? Is it fair that my colleague with kids wants all of Christmas off to spend time with their family?

Am I being unreasonable for kicking my mother-in-law out of the delivery room while giving birth, after she tried to change my unborn child’s name?

That last one is strangely all too true, with one Redditor explaining how it went down in a post from a few months back.

The 29-year-old said she and her husband, 32, had agreed to name their child after her father.

The woman took to Reddit after giving birth the week before.

"My father passed away when I was 14 and we were very close,” she explained, one week on from giving birth.

“His middle name is named after husband's grandfather.

“My MIL is very opinionated about everything. She has been giving us her opinion on everything for our son.”

The day she was due, the woman decided she only wanted her husband with her, but when he drove her to the hospital, his mother walked into the room and ‘starts babbling on about the baby's name, feeding schedules, etc.’

“I kept it together as best as I could,” she continued.

“After son was born, MIL was trying to talk husband into convincing me to change his name.

“She asked the nurses if she could legally change his name. She even went as far as to accuse me of controlling husband into his name.

“I yelled at her to get out of the room and we will not be changing the name.

“She left and has been telling family members a different story.”

The woman, who did not reveal the name that had proven so divisive, said her husband had been ‘sticking up’ for her, telling his mum that ‘nothing will be changed’.

"If she continues, we will be cutting her off from seeing her grandson,” she added.

“Now, most of her side of the family are calling me names and demanding I apologize to MIL.

The mother-in-law was determined to have the boy's name changed.
Thorsten Frenzel/Pixabay

“She has texted me a few times calling me an [a**hole].

“AITA for kicking her out?”

Many agreed she wasn’t being unfair on the mother-in-law, while some even shared their own horror stories.

One commented: “Had to draw this line with my own mother and she crossed. Haven’t seen/heard from her in over ten years and it’s been great!”

Someone else said: “NTA, but you are a fool if you ever allow MIL around your kid.”

Offering up some advice, another wrote: “I would tell her this - you have one chance. You stop this madness now, you apologize for your behavior and you tell everyone else to back off - or this is literally the last you will ever hear from us and you will never see this child again.

“You are not the parent, you do not have a say and until you submit and accept this - there is nothing here for you.”

Adding on to the response, one other replied: “This is good advice, but have her son/your husband do it. She'll see he stands with you. Your family's presence is your leverage and she has to earn it back.”

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