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Mum left furious after waiter asks her to clean up child's mess in restaurant

Mum left furious after waiter asks her to clean up child's mess in restaurant

The mum was met with backlash after she shared her reaction to the waiter

An Australian mum sparked debate after admitting she was 'mad' that a waiter asked her to help clean up her own child's mess in a restaurant.

Opening up in an article shared on Kidspot, the mum explained that the awkward encounter took place as she visited the Melbourne restaurant with her husband and her 10-month-old son, who was 'learning to sit in public places'.

While he was eating, the mum said the food that 'didn't make [it to] his little mouth' ended up going 'all over the floor' of the restaurant.

The mum said her son was getting used to public places.

As their meal came to an end, the family started to pack up and the mum noticed the waiter, who she'd previously seen sorting 'table after table' at the busy restaurant, move his gaze to the floor.

The family stood up to leave, but the waiter asked the mum to help clean up the mess on the floor.

"I was mad," the mum admitted.

"When did we start turning the other way to elements of life that don't affect us? When did our community decide kids and family were the less cool option and decide that supporting them was also "uncool"?," she wrote.

The furious customer pointed out that the waiter was 'paid to serve' them and 'support' them to have a 'pleasant evening', adding: "I want my children to grow up in a community that looks after the vulnerable. The elderly and the innocence of children are included in this."

The woman's baby was 10 months old.

She continued: "The kind of community I want [my son] to see is one in which we all work together. Does that make me old school? Unrealistic? Selfish even?

"Is it my job and my family's job only to raise my children? Or, as a community, should we stand up and support each other? Even if we can’t all relate to everyone’s position and choices."

After the mum shared her thoughts in the article, internet users responded with their thoughts on Reddit.

One reader admitted they 'couldn't believe' her story, while another responded: "How can she write the last couple parts of this and not see the irony of her words? Have the common courtesy to clean up after your own, lady."

One parent weighed in with their own experiences of cleaning up after their child, writing: "Been to restaurants with my now-toddler. We've always picked up the bigger bits of mess he's made (i.e. the bits you can do without needing a hoover or a dustpan and brush), because we're not a***holes.

"Waiters and waitresses have told us not to worry about it, but I suspect that's because we've apologised for the mess and made an effort to clean up."

Would you clean up the mess?

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