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Mum shares genius iPhone hack to get perfect photo of your children ‘every time’

Mum shares genius iPhone hack to get perfect photo of your children ‘every time’

Say goodbye to blurry pics once and for all

Ever snapped what you were certain was a perfect shot to be treasured forever in the family photo album only to find out your little one's eyes are shut, you've missed their smile by a split second or the whole thing is just one big blur?

Well, such issues are a thing of the past after one mum shared a genius iPhone hack to get the perfect photo of your children 'every time'.

The woman, known online as 'The Budgeting Mum', took to TikTok to share with her 106.k followers exactly what to do the next time they're scanning over their pics. Have a look:

She begins the short clip by telling fellow parents: "This is the iPhone hack that every mum needs to know about."

The budgeting aficionado continues: "If you're constantly missing your children smiling in a photo, if you have Live Photos turned on you can actually go in and edit which part of the frame you save."

Live Photos, in case you weren't in the know, record what happens 1.5 seconds before and after you take a picture on your iPhone.

So, because of this nifty little feature, you can pick a different key photo by opening 'Live Photo' and tapping 'Edit'.

Then simply tap the 'Live Photos' button and move the slider to change the frame before releasing your finger and then tapping 'Make Key Photo'.

Finally, press 'Done' and voila!

You can locate all your Live Photos in a separate album on the Photos app on your iPhone.

Now, just be sure your camera is set to photo mode and that Live Photos is turned on.

Many TikTok users thanked the mum for the useful hack.

When it's on, you see the Live Photos button which is three grey concentric circles located at the top of your camera.

"So you just choose which part of the photo is the best shot save it," the mum concluded. "And there you go the perfect photo every time!"

According to Apple, you can take Live Photos on iPhone 6s and later, iPad (5th generation) and later, iPad Air (3rd generation) and later, iPad mini (5th generation) and later, and iPad Pro models from 2016 or later.

The hack has since been viewed nearly 10k times with people eager to share their reactions to the top tip.

One TikTok user praised: "Brilliant! Thank you!"

"Aww yay!" penned a second. "Love this! Honestly it’s my life saver for trying to get a photo of both together without one with [their] eyes closed."

A third echoed: "Love this!"

Will you be trying this out?

Featured Image Credit: Tiktok/@budgetingmumofficial

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