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Influencer says her 'heart is utterly broken' after 15-month-old son died

Influencer says her 'heart is utterly broken' after 15-month-old son died

The 37-year-old shared the heartbreaking news on her Instagram page on Thursday

Travel influencer Christine Tran Ferguson has revealed the devastating news that her one-year-old son Asher has died.

Two weeks ago, the 37-year-old took to Instagram to reveal that Asher was 'fighting for his life' in hospital.

"We need you, we miss your laugh, your smile, we need you here with mama & dada," Tran Ferguson wrote.

"Please help us pray for our precious Asher who is fighting for his life in the ICU."

Now, the influencer has confirmed everyone's worst fears that Asher has devastatingly not made it, taking to Instagram on Thursday (20 July) to pay tribute to her little boy.

Tran Ferguson did not share any details surrounding Asher's death, though she did speak openly and honestly about the grief she and her family are going through.

15-month-old Asher has died.

Beginning the lengthy post, the influencer penned: "You’re 15 months today my little angel. Mama and dada love you so much, you brought us so much joy, and made our family complete.

"I have never known how much love and happiness I could have until you came into our life. You are the smartest & happiest little boy I’ve ever known."

The mum then recalled some of the quirks that made Asher special, saying he was the 'happiest little boy I've ever known'.

She also recalled how Asher clapped his hands, danced and stuck out his tongue when he laughed.

"My heart is utterly broken and shattered into a million pieces. I will never understand why, nothing makes sense, I’m still in shock, I just want to wake up from this unimaginable nightmare and have you back in my arms," Tran Ferguson continued.

"You did not deserve any of this. Losing you is the hardest experience mommy and daddy has ever had to endure. "Everyday has been torture without you, this pain is unbearable. I still feel like you’re going to reappear but our home is so quiet and empty without you."

Christine Tran Ferguson spoke openly about the grief she is suffering.

The heartbroken mum went on to say that 'part of me had died with you', before adding that she is 'heartbroken' and has 'no idea how to live a life without you'.

Tran Ferguson continued by saying she is haunted by Asher's absence, saying she sees his 'big smile' everywhere she goes.

The influencer concluded her post by saying: "I pray I get to see you in my dreams every night. I just want you back so badly, but you’re never coming home and it’s killing me. "

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@tourdelust

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