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Gran, daughter and granddaughter say they constantly get mistaken for sisters

Gran, daughter and granddaughter say they constantly get mistaken for sisters

People can't believe the trio are from three different generations

You know the common saying 'the apple doesn't fall far from the tree'?

Well, one trio really took that phrase to the next level, leaving people totally baffled that they all come from three different generations.

The Aussie grandma, daughter and granddaughter have opened up about their uncanny resemblance and say they constantly get mistaken for sisters.

Have a look:

And it's not just facial features that the trio have in common as Lesley Maxwell, a 65-year-old bodybuilder, even manages to share clothes with her daughter, Vanessa Christofi, and 22-year-old granddaughter, Tia Christofi despite the 43-year age-gap.

It's a pretty ideal set-up, really, having the option of three different wardrobes to choose from when getting ready.

Lesley, who hails from Melbourne, said she feels 'very lucky' that she gets to share clothes with both her daughter and granddaughter.

She said: "When we do shoots together, most of the clothes come from Tia's wardrobe. She loves doing the styling and colour coordinating us."

The trio often get mistaken for sisters despite being from three different generations.

They share more than just genetics and clothes though, as the fitness fanatics love nothing more than working out, especially when they can hit the gym together where they crack on with the same workouts and even lift the same amount of weights.

Lesley, a personal trainer, says that when people see her working, they're stunned to learn that she is a grandmother.

"They're shocked to find out that I have grandchildren because I guess it is a little out of the ordinary to think that a grandmother is doing deadlifts and chin-ups in the gym," she revealed.

The gran continued: "However, I'd recommend weight training to women of all ages as there are so many health benefits to training this way.

"It strengthens our bones and helps us tone our body by adding muscle. I’d love to see more women of all ages lifting weights."

Lesley dubbed her fitness routine the 'anti-ageing way' to train, explaining: "I usually do four weight training sessions a week, plus as I’m a trainer and in the gym most days, you could say that I get some incidental exercise as I’m often carrying the weights or 'spotting' my clients.

And the surprise clearly isn't just over Lesley's age or her being a granny.

Lesley and Tia have a 43-year age-gap but still do the same workouts and share the same wardrobe.

"People are always surprised to learn that we are actually three totally different generations of a family." she went on. "However, we always have a wonderful time together chatting, having a laugh and training."

Lesley says she's 'so blessed' to have 'such a lovely family' and has clearly been a point of inspiration for Vanessa and Tia, who are now following in her fitness-loving footsteps.

Tia has always been into keeping active through cheerleading and going to the gym.

And the social media marketing agency owner revealed people often confuse Lesley as being her mother rather than grandmother.

"They're taken back when I correct them and tell them she is my grandmother," Tia said. "She’s 43 years my senior and we both lift weights and follow the same workout routine while dressed in similar apparel."

The 22-year-old added: "I love spending time with my mum and my grandmother.

"We motivate and inspire each other during our training sessions."

Talk about a chip off the old block.

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