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Mum trolled over son’s unique name as people say he'll be bullied for life

Mum trolled over son’s unique name as people say he'll be bullied for life

She named her son something very specific and other parents reckon it's going to get him bullied

People are calling out a mum after she revealed a very unique name for her son, which others reckon will lead to him getting bullied throughout his life.

Unless you fancy wading through legal procedures and telling everyone you know to learn a new name then you're pretty much stuck with whatever your parents decided to call you from cradle to grave.

For most people that's pretty much fine, but every now and then a child is born and their family gets a really specific name stuck in their heads for what they want to call them.

"Darling, I know you said you wanted to name him Alpha Mael but could we compromise on Jeff?"
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One mum recently revealed to a Facebook group that she'd called her son, Alpha Mael, because it was the 'manliest' moniker she could think of.

However, she wanted other people's opinions on the name after admitting that her own mum 'absolutely hates it' - but I will say if she was looking for people to agree with her then she ended up disappointed.

She said the name was 'different but not silly' and that she thought it 'conveys a lot'. However, other parents really disagreed with the 'not silly' part of the mum's decision making.

One said they were worried the boy would be 'bullied so viciously', while another said they'd 'pay my child hundreds to name their kids anything but that'.

A third said a parent naming their child Alpha Mael 'makes me want to scream', while a fourth chipped in to say the child would be living 'life on hard mode'.

Someone else pointed out that the whole concept of an 'Alpha Male' was bogus as it had been debunked by the very person who thought they'd discovered it in the first place, only to realise they'd been wrong after the false idea had spread too far to rein in.

What ever the next popular slew of baby names are, we feel pretty confident that there won't be many parents calling their children Alpha Mael.

"Alright, maybe that wasn't the best thing to name our baby."

It's got to be up there with some of the more unfortunate baby names people have come up with over the years, though this writer suggests that a name like 'Legendary Love Cannon' takes some beating.

From time to time, parents do end up regretting the baby naming choices they made and reckon it'd be best if they changed things around.

One mum, who felt uncomfortable saying her child's name out loud, decided that enough was enough. After six months, she switched her son's name from Aspen to Luke, and admitted she was much happier.

Another went 10 months before asking whether she should change her daughter's name because it just didn't feel right.

There's a lot in a name, and it's the thing that belongs to you the longest in your life so you'd want it to be fitting.

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