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Mum admits she has regretted her baby's name every day for the last 10 months

Mum admits she has regretted her baby's name every day for the last 10 months

She said that while she thought it was a 'pretty' name, it didn't seem to suit her daughter

As any parent can attest to, choosing the right name for your little one is no easy task - but usually, once both parents have settled on a choice that’s the end of it.

However, one mum has taken to Netmums to ask fellow parents if they think it’s OK to change her 10-month-old daughter’s name, after admitting that she ‘questions’ whether she chose the right name every single day.

In the post, the new-mum stressed that she found the name - Sienna - very pretty but that she wasn’t 100 percent sure it was the right name for her little girl.

She explained: "Every single day I question whether we named our daughter the right name - surely that isn't normal?

"I'm in a total fluster and have not mentioned this to a soul. Not my hubby or friends, because I feel so stupid I've let this go on so long!

"The name we chose is very pretty, Sienna, but I can't help but feel it's not right. Does anyone else get these feelings? Is it too late to change her name?”

The mum said she ‘questioned’ the name every day.
Pixabay/ 2081671

The post was soon flooded with responses, with some suggesting she change it as soon as possible and others thinking she should leave it as it is.

One mum wrote: “Talk to your hubby see how he feels. If you don't think it's right for her, change it now before it's too late. If you're still unsure 10 months on from when you named her then I think I would change it, presuming you have another name you're 100 percent sure of!”

Someone else agreed, writing: "I say go for it ONLY if you have another name you are certain of. If you don't then it's likely you'll want to change it again, by which point it'll be too late.”

She wanted to know if it was OK to change the 10-month-old’s name.
Pixabay/Michal Fošenbauer

However, others disagreed, with one person stating simply: “I personally think ten months is a bit too late to change her first name.”

Someone else questioned: “Won't it confuse Sienna? She's been called that her whole life then she is suddenly being called something else? I don't think that's very fair. I think it's best to leave it, it's a lovely name. If she doesn't like it when she is older, then she can change it herself.”

Meanwhile, other mums admitted to experiencing the same feelings with their little ones, with some saying their feelings towards the name had changed over the years and others saying they’d opted to change it and never looked back.

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