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Woman left furious after dad takes daughter to get her long hair shaved off behind her back

Woman left furious after dad takes daughter to get her long hair shaved off behind her back

The mum was left in tears when she found out about the haircut

A dad was left questioning whether he was in the wrong after he took his eight-year-old daughter to have her hair cut off behind her mum's back.

I'm sure there will be a lot of people who have an answer for him already after reading that sentence, but let's hear him out.

In a post on Reddit, the dad explained that his daughter, who he referred to as Anna, had 'thick, blonde and curly hair' that his wife spent 'hours' brushing and styling every day - something she'd done since Anna was a toddler.

The mum spent 'hours' brushing and styling her daughter's hair.

The couple's bathroom cabinets were 'filled to the brim' with products for her hair, leading the dad to believe his wife was 'a bit obsessed with the whole hair thing'.

However, he explained: "Anna... has never been too fond of getting her hair done, or of anything that involves having to sit still for more than a few minutes...

"Her hair used to reach past her waist. And while it looked lovely, she hated getting it brushed and every morning used to be a screaming fest between her and my wife."

Anna had been 'begging' her parents for a shorter haircut, the dad said, but his wife apparently 'ignored her whenever the topic was brought up'.

Anna loved her new haircut.
cottonbro studio/Pexels

When Anna 'realised she was getting nowhere with her mum', she turned to her dad, who soon gave in.

"Yesterday I drove her to the hairdresser, where she got to flip through a lot of magazines and pick a picture of a haircut. And when she chose a really short clipper cut, I knew I was gonna be in deep s**t with my wife. At that point though, there was no turning back," he said.

The dad said that Anna 'couldn't stop smiling' after her haircut, but his wife allegedly 'refused to even look at Anna', and instead 'locked herself in her room and cried' before leaving the house altogether for a few days.

"I knew she wouldn't react well to the haircut but I wasn't expecting her to take it this badly," the dad wrote. "The kid's upset too and no matter how much I reassure her she still thinks she's in trouble for getting her hair cut."

The dad asked Redditors whether he was the one in the wrong, arguing Anna was 'old enough to decide' for herself, and received mixed responses from readers.

Some expressed shock at the wife's actions, noting she was a 'grown woman', while others argued the issue lay in the lack of communication that took place before the haircut.

The trust between the couple might have taken a hit, but let's just hope it will grow back like Anna's hair.

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

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