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Airline introduces 'adults-only' zone where children are banned

Airline introduces 'adults-only' zone where children are banned

The airline Corendon has launched an ‘Only Adult’ area with 102 seats available on one of its aircrafts.

The airline Corendon has launched an ‘Only Adult’ area with 102 seats available on one of its aircrafts.

Sitting next to a screaming child is never an ideal situation on a flight, but nearly all parents with young kids have been there.

Airline launches child-free zone on aeroplane
Artturi Jalli on Unsplash

With this exact situation in mind, Corendon is launching an ‘Only Adult’ zone on November 3, on its A350 flights between Amsterdam and Curacao.

The no-kids zone will be situated in the front section of the aircraft, with nine ‘XL’ seats with extra legroom, and 93 standard seats.

But how exactly can you stop noise from travelling through an aeroplane?

The airline explained that the zone will be separated from other areas adding: "By means of walls and curtains, creating a shielded environment that contributes to a calm and relaxed flight."

We’re not sure curtains will do the job, but walls - we can get on board with (literally).

The minimum age to be able to reserve a seat in this zone is 16+, and costs £38 in the standard area, and £85 for the XL seats.

The Dutch airline said: “This zone in the aircraft is intended for passengers travelling without children and for business travellers who want to work in a quiet environment.

“At the same time, the introduction of the ‘Only Adult’ zone also has a positive effect for parents with children.

“They don't have to worry as much about possible reactions from fellow passengers if their child is a bit busier or cries.”

Not the first airline to launch a child-free zone
Hanson Lu on Unsplash

And Corendon isn’t the first airline to be putting these kinds of zones in place.

The budget airline Scoot, part of Singapore Airlines, offers a ‘ScootinSilence’ seat at the front of the aircraft, in which under-12’s are not allowed.

Japan Airlines also has a feature on its booking system that states which seats have been reserved by people with infants up to the age of two.

Reactions on Twitter to the new move have been varied, with some users in support of the decision, and some simply wondering if the zone will make any difference at all.

One person commented: “But it’s a curtain separating people from sound, what the hell is that going to do?”

Another said: “About time, I would rather child-free flights, certainly under-12.”

What do you think about the ‘Only Adult’ zone? Would you like to see this on more aircrafts?

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

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