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People call for 'child-free' flights after girl keeps them awake with 'incredibly annoying' hat

People call for 'child-free' flights after girl keeps them awake with 'incredibly annoying' hat

Even if we accept that kids will cause a fuss on flights, there's got to be a line drawn somewhere

Here at Tyla we've brought you a bountiful bouquet of stories about people getting annoyed at the behaviour of others on flights.

Quite a lot of those stories feature babies or young children getting on passengers nerves in some way, but we think this one might take the entire bakery, never mind just one cake.

The issue of what to do about a restless child on board a plane isn't an easy one for parents or other passengers, and flight attendants have weighed in to give their own verdict.

One of their main pieces of advice was to bring things the kid liked to entertain themselves with, but we reckon they probably didn't mean a light-up hat flashing with brighter lights than an acid rave.

Footage of the hat in question shows a group of passengers trying to settle down on a late-night flight with low lights on before the camera pans over to a child wearing a hat blasting out pretty much every colour you can think of.

What a nice, peaceful late night flight.

As you can probably guess from the video, the reaction to this light-up hat was not exactly positive as people wondered 'where's a Karen when you need one', with one saying they would 'volunteer to be a Karen' if nobody else said anything.

Someone else said they hoped the parents took the hat away and switched off the lights otherwise 'the child is going to learn the truth about Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy all in under six minutes'.

Another commenter suggested 'we need the option for a no kids flight when booking' while someone said a childless flight would be 'perfect' and a third declared that they 'ABSOF**KINGLUTELY' would support that idea.

Lots of commenters criticised the parents, blaming 'a lack of both respect and education' for the passengers being on the receiving end of strobe lights.

NOPE. At least the kid was having fun.

While the child looked plenty happy, those sitting close appeared to be pretty darn miserable and a flight attendant commented to say that cabin crew would probably feel like they had to step in and tell the parents to 'put it away'.

They explained that they'd tell the parents the brightly flashing hat was being 'incredibly annoying and irritating' for other passengers, especially if they were trying to sleep.

Others said that the bright flashing lights might pose a health warning to other passengers if they had epilepsy.

However, there were a few who took things too far and went from 'put the hat away' to the far less reasonable position of 'children should also be in the animal cargo'.

Somehow we think that idea probably won't find much support.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@sarcasm_only

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