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Mum issues warning after two-year-old daughter choked on hair clip

Mum issues warning after two-year-old daughter choked on hair clip

First aid is an important skill for all parents, as this family found out after a young girl choked on a hairclip

A mum has urged all parents to keep their first aid skills up to date after one of her kids nearly choked to death on a hairclip.

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare, but it nearly became a grim reality for one concerned mum, who now wants to teach others about the risks, as well as warning them that their first aid skills might be needed from time to time.

Let’s be honest with ourselves – would you know what to do in the situation?

Thankfully, on this occasion the woman’s husband stepped in and saved the day, but it sure sounds like it was a close one.

After the near miss with her child’s health, the mum wrote a message in to children’s safety page Tiny Hearts Education, informing others about the risk in the hope that they’ll take heed.

Even something as innocuous as a child's hairclip can be dangerous.

She wrote: “Amelia was watching TV when my husband noticed she was trying to cry and grabbing her throat, but no noise was coming out.

"He immediately started back blows [hitting between the shoulder blades], but whatever was in her throat wasn't dislodging.

"She was now changing colour and was very distressed."

Another two big back blows eventually made the clip come loose and saved Amelia.

The woman continued: “My two year old daughter choked on a hairclip. Something we had used a thousand times.

“I’m so thankful for Tiny Hearts for keeping parents informed on first aid.

“Thank you so much.”

Sharing the post on Instagram, Tiny Hearts wrote: “Amelia is just one of the many lives that have been saved because her parents knew first aid.

“First aid is a skill you don't realise how much you need, until you really need it.”

So, here’s the knowledge you need.

In the event that a child is choking, you need to encourage them to cough and keep coughing if you can, in the hope that it will come out.

Slapping the back whilst leaning the child forward can also help, using five sharp blows between the shoulder blades – as in the case outlined in the article – checking the mouth each time, but DON’T put your fingers in.

Or, you can try to squeeze it out.

The mum shared the story with safety page Tiny Hearts on Instagram.

Stand behind your child with arms around their waist, then put one clenched fist between their belly button and the bottom of their chest.

Grab the fist in your other hand and pull inwards quickly, as well as upwards.

Do this five times, checking the mouth each time.

In the event that you’re dealing with a baby, you can try everything we’ve suggested above, but obviously you probably won’t be able to encourage them it cough it out.

Lay the baby face down and slap their back five times, turning over to check their mouth each time, or turn the baby over to face upwards whilst supported by your thigh, then put two fingers in the middle of their chest and push downwards up to five times sharply, checking the mouth each time.

Of course, if this doesn’t work, you should call 999 or 112 immediately, repeating the steps each time until the help gets there.

It’s harrowing stuff, but it might just come in handy one day.

Featured Image Credit: Pexels/@tinyheartseducation/INSTAGRAM

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