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Moment father-of-the-bride interrupts wedding to include stepfather in walking daughter down the aisle

Moment father-of-the-bride interrupts wedding to include stepfather in walking daughter down the aisle

It was a very touching moment on the bride's big day

Weddings are often a veritable font of wholesome moments, but there are few which could top one particular ceremony at the moment the bride was walking down the aisle.

As per tradition, the father of the bride walks his daughter down the aisle but this time there was a bit of a twist on the way things usually go.

A video which went viral on TikTok and gained much adoration showed one proud dad walking his daughter down the aisle when he stopped and reached out to one of the wedding guests.

It was his daughter's stepdad, who appeared to think at first that he was being pulled into a surprise handshake before it soon turned out that he was being called upon to participate in the ceremony.

The bride's father pulled her stepdad into the aisle and motioned for him to take his daughter's other arm so they could both walk her down the aisle together.

The father of the bride brought her stepfather over to help walk his daughter down the aisle.

With both her father and stepfather by her side, the bride continued her journey down the aisle to be married in a moment while plenty thought was just so darn wholesome.

The video went viral for obvious reasons and thousands commented to say how much they loved the moment they just witnessed.

One said their 'heart is melting' after watching the video 'on repeat for about 20 minutes', while another chipped in to call the father of the bride 'a classy and emotionally secure man'.

A third praised the bride's father for recognising that her stepdad was 'obviously a meaningful part of his daughter's life too'.

So many people were pouring on the words of praise and admiration for what they saw as 'the most thoughtful gesture'.

Both men walked the bride down the aisle at her wedding.

Some among the commenters were stepparents who said that such a gesture would mean the world to them.

A stepmother said the video made me cry and wrote that on her big day it was her 'hope my little step girl chooses me too'.

Someone else said that their dad 'gave up half his father daughter dance to my stepdad', and that she had been 'blessed with two amazing dads'.

Another commenter said they'd asked their stepdad to walk them down the aisle and he'd said no because 'that was my father's honor', and someone else in the same situation said they'd been 'disappointed at first' but came to understand the decision and had 'a special first dance' with him instead.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@_kelseygriffith_

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