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Mum reveals genius trick using bunk beds to give daughters their own bedrooms

Mum reveals genius trick using bunk beds to give daughters their own bedrooms

The thrifty mum has been praised for her ‘brilliant idea’

Sometimes, it's not the easiest thing finding extra space in a full house.

And, as you expand your family, it's only natural that things start feeling a tad more cramped as you make room for everyone to have their own areas.

So, to help with the age-old issue, one mum has shared her genius bunk bed trick to give her daughters their own bedroom space, with other social media users saying it’s a 'brilliant idea'.

Sure, many siblings may love sharing a room when they’re younger, but they soon grow out of that phase and end up craving their own space.

Kids often want their own space.
Anna Lisa/Pixabay

Not everyone has the spare cash to simply buy a bigger house or extend their existing property up into the loft, but this mum managed to come up with a pretty nifty hack to help her daughters out using some simple DIY.

Posting on the DIY On A Budget Facebook group, mum Sharlene Tait explained that both her daughters - who are different ages - share a bedroom, and that she'd wanted to give them her own private space within it.

She added wooden panels onto opposite sides of both girls' beds, in turn creating a subtle barrier.

They may not have their own rooms, but at least they now have a private space.
Facebook/DIY On A Budget

One of the daughters was given a ‘top bunk’ in her part of the room, while the younger sister was given a ‘bottom bunk’ on her side, adding to the sense of disconnection.

"This was my big decorating project, all DIY-ed by myself and my dad," she wrote.

"Both my girls share a bedroom but there's a bit of an age gap between them and I wanted to give them their own space.

"We added wooden panels to opposite sides of the beds to block off the rooms. Oldest daughter has the top bunk and the first 'room' and then youngest has the bottom bunk and the 'room' at the back."

Others thought the idea was 'brilliant'.
Facebook/DIY On A Budget

Sharlene not only made sure the eldest daughter had a desk and dressing table underneath her bed, but also painted both 'rooms' different colours to continue the feel of them being separate spaces.

"I'm so pleased with how it's turned out and my girls are over the moon with their own rooms!" she added.

Facebook users were as delighted as Sharlene was with the end result, with one writing: "Brilliant idea. Looks amazing!"

Someone else said: “Absolutely beautiful!!! Very creative, love all the colours you’ve used too."

A third agreed: "Wow wow wow!!!! That is stunning. I love it."

Reckon you'll be trying this out?

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/DIY On A Budget

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