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Cheeky mum reveals ‘genius’ way she manages to get a 'blissful' night’s sleep

Cheeky mum reveals ‘genius’ way she manages to get a 'blissful' night’s sleep

This mum’s hack for a peaceful nights sleep with a baby is total ‘genius’.

A mum has revealed her secret to getting a great night's sleep whilst having a baby, and it involves just one thing she is keeping from her husband.

Women have it tough after giving birth and becoming a mother, so a slight fabrication of the truth isn’t going to hurt anyone, right...?

All parents have been through the stage where they are up constantly in the night with their unsettled little one, often leaving them to come up with an agreement to split up who is going to get up and when.

A cheeky mum has revealed the 'genius' way she managed to get a good night's sleep.
Dakota Corbin on Unsplash

And this mum has got it down to a tea.

The anonymous woman left Anna Williamson and Luisa Zissman in stitches on their podcast LuAnna after finding out what she had been doing during those early restless nights.

She revealed: “I have never told anyone this but my husband and I came to an arrangement when we had our first child that I would do the night feeds and he would do the day feeds.

“He would wake up around 5.30am to take our baby girl downstairs for her morning feed, leaving me to get a few hours of uninterrupted rest before he started work for the day.

“Around 10 weeks baby girl dropped her night feeds and I had a blissful night's sleep."

Even though the woman wasn't honest with her husband, she was able to catch up on her sleep.
Vladislav Muslakov on Unsplash.

The one little thing was the mum didn't tell her husband this, allowing him to think she was still getting up in the night to feed their baby.

She added: “Plus, additional lie-in times most days after telling my husband how awful my night had been.

"He would thank me for being so quiet as he had no idea it was such a struggle. I don't regret it at all.”

The podcast hosts praised the woman, saying she was ‘winning mum life’, but dads in the comments had a slightly different outlook.

One said: “I would totally still do morning feeds, but I would be pretty upset if my wife led me on. Honesty is the best policy.”

But one mum confessed: “I have said this many times to my husband - I don't feel guilty about it.”

And another also said: “When our kid used to wake up in the night, I would poke my husband and say ‘your turn’, as if I’d already been up.

“I have never told him I never got up at all.”

What do you think about not being totally honest with your partner in order to get more sleep?

Featured Image Credit: Jamie Garbutt/Getty Images / TikTok/@everything_luanna

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