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Mum branded a genius after sharing son's 18th birthday present

Mum branded a genius after sharing son's 18th birthday present

It can be hard finding the perfect gift, especially if you've got kids who've outgrown toys

Giving gifts is never easy, especially if you have teenagers whose tastes are constantly changing.

However, one clever mum found the perfect way to spoil her son with a touching present she had DIY’d for his big birthday.

After sharing her hard work on social media, other parents have labelled the gift-giving hack ‘genius’.

The adorable DIY have captured hearts of parents.

You’ll be even more impressed to learn that the Aussie mum used a simple corkboard, some letters and a few gift cards in the adorable DIY.

Rather than splashing the cash on a new phone or car for her son’s 18th, the unnamed woman decided to put money on various store cards for every occasion with notes about when and where to use them.

First on her list was a pre-paid MasterCard debit card, with a sweet message for the birthday boy that read: “Treat yourself to something.”

Next, there was a Coles garage token to ensure her beloved petrolhead was able to enjoy what she called ‘the road untravelled’.

Third was a gift card for Rebel Sport and other brands, with her urging her son to buy something for his ‘car or fishing’.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a celebration without a bit of fizz, so the mum also gifted a voucher for Liquorland with the cheeky message: “Enjoy now that you're 18 & legal.”

The dotting mum had even ensured her son was able to get a cab back, with a $50 gift card for Uber just in case.

Unsurprisingly, parents and carers were in awe of the adorable gift after the unnamed woman uploaded a photo to Facebook.

The Aussie mum even loving laid out the gift with other presents.

In the comments on the touching post, many said that they hoped to recreate the DIY present for their little ones.

“That’s very cool. Great idea Hun I might just copy it", gushed one user, with another adding that they had ‘taken a picture’ so that they could try it at a later date.

A third wrote: “Fantastic idea…Beautifully put together and well thought out.”

It seems parents are finding increasingly clever ways to think outside of the box, especially with the cost-of-living crisis.

On a Facebook group, one UK mum revealed how she’d opted to give her daughter ‘experience days’ after she got to an awkward age.

After realising she no longer wanted toys, the mum lovingly wrote tokens for her favourite takeaway, camping and a day out at a safari park.

To help spread the cost even further, she would allow her daughter to select one trip per pay-day – with her little girl loving the thoughtful gift.

With Christmas just around the corner, it might be worth taking note of these alternative presents.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook / Pexels

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