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There’s a three-storey adult soft play centre with arcade games and a fully licensed bar serving up drinks, including alcoholic slushies. I’m not exaggerating when I say, I need to go here immediately with my girls.

DJW Events in North London’s Palmers Green offers an interesting alternative to your usual night out of drinks at a bar and then onto a club - boasting a free to play arcade room, photo booth and a live DJ.

Oh and not forgetting the soft play area, which is pretty epic and features slides, ball pits and tunnels - my inner child needs this.

The adults-only soft play centre features ball pits, tunnels and giant slides.

DJW Events runs numerous themed nights throughout the month, including its weekly Wonderland night that costs £22 a ticket and includes interactive games and a themed bar.

A description for Wonderland explains: “You won't want to be 'late for a very important date' at our Wonderland: Adult Soft Play events!

“For one night allow yourself to 'fall down the rabbit hole' and enjoy all the experiences we have to offer.

“Between our retro arcade room which is on free play, interactive games, three-storey soft play and bar you are sure to have a night to remember. Not to mention our free to use photo booth to get you grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

There’s also an arcade with free games and an onsite bar.

“The soft play area will close at 11pm but don't worry the night won't end there as our live DJ will perform, bringing you the best tunes. We like to bring everyone together with group games and competitions once this area has closed.

“Our motto Never Grow Up is spray painted on the walls. So take a step back into your childhood. Soak in the nostalgic vibes and leave your worries at the door!”

And if Wonderland doesn’t tickle your fancy, there’s also Throwback Thursday, which is - as the name suggests - held on the first Thursday of every month and costs just £15 a ticket.


Throwback Thursday offers ‘nostalgic evening of games, challenges, guest DJs and throwback music’.

Of course, as the venue is strictly for adults, there’s also a fully licensed bar, with drinks from just £4.50 and a full range of spirits, including vodka, pink gin and Jack Daniels - but if you really want to up the fun factor, for £7.50 you can treat yourself to an alcoholic slushie by simply choosing your tipple of choice and then whacking it into some frozen slush, with flavours including blue raspberry and bubblegum. Sign me up, right now.

You can find out more or book tickets here.

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