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Mum claims she was 'forced out' of child's soft play area by other parents for being 'too sexy'

Mum claims she was 'forced out' of child's soft play area by other parents for being 'too sexy'

The mum says she was judged for the way she looked

It can always be a bit of a process making new friends as a parent - with busy schedules, crying kids and weekly chores, it can sometimes be a bit hectic balancing a social life on top of all that.

But, for one mum, there was a slightly different reason as to why she couldn't make friends with other parents.

The mum has claimed she was 'forced out' of a children's play area for the way she looked.

While it's normal to want to put your best self forward for job interviews, nights out or special occasions - not many parents feel the pressure to get their glam on when taking their children to a soft play area.

For Abby Roberts from Wolverhampton, this was no exception after she spent 40 minutes getting dolled up to take her son, Noah, to the play centre.

Roberts, 26, explained her getting-ready routine involved curling her hair, putting on a full face of make-up and dressing head to toe in designer labels.

The mum claims she was 'forced out' of the kids play area for being 'too sexy'.

"I love looking and feeling good," she said to The Sun, before claiming that she brings the 'glam and sexy' to soft play."

The mum explained that the get-up wasn't a one-off as she had invested a hefty £3,200 to curate a wardrobe containing designer jeans, blouses, high heels and more to achieve the look.

Instead of falling into a stereotype, Roberts said she wanted to 'challenge people’s expectations' of what a young single mum should look like.

"I know people will judge me for spending 40 minutes doing my hair and makeup for a soft play session," Roberts admitted.

She added: "I don't care because it works for me," noting that any mums who do criticise her are simply 'jealous and judgemental'.

"I love looking and feeling good."

While revealing that her 'polished' image boosted her 'confidence' and self-esteem, Roberts said that it did make it difficult to strike up connections with other mums.

"I was feeling isolated and wanted to make new mum friends," she explained before going on the hunt for some new mum friends.

Being 'nervous' for the first session, Roberts revealed she spent an hour on just her hair and makeup alone.

"I chose a coordinated outfit and ensured my hair was curled and glossy. Noah looked great and I was determined to find new pals," she said.

Roberts claimed that every other mum in the soft play area was donning a baggy jumper, jogging bottoms and 'mum bun' combo - quite the contrast from her full face of makeup, styled hair and designer boots.

Roberts thought we would be welcomed with 'open arms'.

Thinking she'd be 'welcomed with open arms', Roberts claimed that she immediately knew she 'wasn't welcome'.

"Basically I was too sexy for soft play," she said, "I was ousted from it."

The majority of the other mums were in their 30s, Roberts recalls, before noting that they were all already in their 'little cliques'.

The mum quickly realised she was 'the odd one out' and claimed the other parents gave her looks and laughed in her direction.

"I was younger, I was dressed differently, and I wasn't their version of what a single young mum should look like," Roberts claimed.

Instead of the play area being a place for fun and games, the mum felt it was a 'like a battleground' due to the judgement.

There's nothing wrong with getting glammed up to take your kids to a soft play area!

"I was effectively turfed out for looking too good. It was a terrible experience and one no woman should have to go through.

"I am kind to everyone but the mums I encountered were determined to force me out," she continued.

However, the alleged judgement wasn't enough to stop the mum from dressing how she wanted.

Not wanting to let the other mums 'win', Roberts made the decision to continue wearing exactly what she wants when she wants.

"If I had dressed down or changed the judgey mums would have won. I’d rather be nice to everyone and look good doing it," she concluded.

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