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Angry neighbour writes note complaining about noise from kids between 7am and 7pm

Angry neighbour writes note complaining about noise from kids between 7am and 7pm

A mum was left blindsided when a new neighbour penned a note complaining about the noise her two young children make during the daytime

A mum has shared her frustration after receiving a note from a neighbour complaining about the noise her children make during the daytime.

The mum-of-two was left blindsided when a couple who live in her apartment block slipped a note under her door demanding she 'stop the noise'.

She shared a photograph of the handwritten letter online and revealed she hadn't met or spoken to the couple, who only recently moved into the building, yet.

"We have lived in our rented apartment for six years with no issues. Now we have two toddlers and are going through the challenges of raising them," she explained.

The mum also told how she'd already warned all of her neighbours about her two toddlers' tantrums, having left a note in the communal area, ensuring them she would try to keep the noise to a minimum.

They claimed their sleep was being disturbed by the noise.
Emils Vanags/Alamy

While most others in the building have been understanding towards the situation, the new couple have taken issue with her family.

"We can hear banging noises that start from early morning. It is disturbing our sleep, particularly on weekends," the pair began their note.

They went on to ask the mum to have 'a little consideration' for those living in the apartment block, as the 'noise radiates around'.

"If you're unable to control the noise, we may need to lodge a formal complaint to building management," the couple concluded their note.

The mum was quick to defend her two children, saying they are in bed by 7pm every evening and don't tend to wake up too early in the morning.

Sharing her frustration, she wrote online: "He doesn't bang every day, only throws toys when having tantrums which can be quite frequent I guess.

A neighbour was not happy with the level of noise the kids were making.
A neighbour was not happy with the level of noise the kids were making.

"I think the banging she is talking about it when they drop toys in the morning or run as we have floor boards."

She also said: "They wake up at 7, got to bed at 7, construction can start at 7am anyway," before adding: "We are doing our best."

Many sympathised with the mum and told her she had no reason to apologise.

"Do not apologise for having children. Do not justify your child or parenting, it is none of their business," one person said.

A second agreed, adding: "Honestly they can complain if they want but they will end up looking like Karens."

However, others were less empathetic and took the neighbours' side.

"This is why children shouldn't live in these style homes," another person wrote.

While someone else argued: "Everyone has the right to the quiet enjoyment of their property."

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