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Woman left torn after catching neighbour cheating on her husband of 10 years

Woman left torn after catching neighbour cheating on her husband of 10 years

What's the right move?

A woman has been left in a seriously awkward position after believing she'd caught her neighbour cheating on her husband.

After overhearing her neighbour's mid-day rendezvous through the wall, she has been mulling over the right thing to do, and took to the internet for help.

Posting to Reddit's r/Advice forum, she begged for advice but, surprisingly, she struggled to get a straight answer.

One woman has been left in a very awkward position after catching her neighbour cheating.

The distraught, anonymous woman wrote: "I caught my neighbour cheating on her husband of 10 years. I don't know what to do, please [advise]."

Explaining her situation, the woman wrote that, ever since she started working from the new office space in her home, she's been able to - against her will - hear her neighbours going at it on the other side of the wall.

"I would just put on my headphones and try to ignore it," she wrote.

"I believed that would be the end of it once the husband returned to the workplace and I stopped needing to reach for my headphones quite as frequently."

But, when the husband next door went back to work, the muffled moans didn't stop.

"The mid-day sex noises resumed a few weeks after he returned to work, but they were now more more intense and frequent than before, which was strange because her husband's car wasn't parked outside," she wrote.

Would you tell your neighbour?

"I spotted a man parking his van just up the road, popping in next door for an hour of pleasure, and then leaving afterward after going into full nosy neighbour mode and peeking through our blinds nearly every day.

"Not only that, but every now and then I've even noticed a different guy showing up."

Obviously, infidelity is a wildly sensitive subject, and there's typically a lot of debate over whether it's best to let the other person know they're being cheated on, or to mind your own business.

Unfortunately for this woman, that debate found its way onto Reddit, too.

While most users urged her to tell the husband he was being cheated on immediately, either to his face or anonymously, others strongly disagreed.

"I'd say stay out of it but that's clearly an unpopular opinion," commented one user.

"Not my circus, not my monkeys," agreed a second.

And a third pointed out: "Please, before you do anything, take a moment to think about all the things you don't know about your neighbours and their relationship."

But those people were severely outvoted.

She has said that she can hear her neighbour cheating while she's trying to work from home.

One user, who was pro-telling-the-husband, wrote: "If I were being cheated on, I would want to know. That said, we know not everyone thinks this way. And the messenger becomes a potential target. I would send an anonymous letter. Facts. Details. Nothing extra."

Another suggested that the OP should stop by her neighbour's house and say something like: "Hey, I've been hearing you guys having sex during the day and I didn't want to pry but I thought you should know that it's quite loud and distracting."

When a third advised: "Since the husband is your friend, I would tell him what's going on," the OP replied: "Yes I will, thank you!"

There have been no other updates so far, but we can only assume that she went through with it and told her neighbour.

Was it the right move?

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