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Couple spend Christmas Day in the nude while their guests stay fully clothed

Couple spend Christmas Day in the nude while their guests stay fully clothed

They will make an exception for a Christmas cracker crown

A couple are planning on spending Christmas Day in the buff, even though all of their guests will be clothed. I bet that’s going to make for some interesting conversations on the day.

On Sunday, Helen Berriman and her husband Simon will be celebrating, opening presents and even cooking a turkey while in the nude.

Even though the couple will be joined by Helen’s mum and daughter - who will be clothed - she insists no one pays much attention to their nakedness.

Helen first got into naturism after chatting to Simon on Facebook in 2015, but she didn’t get involved herself until 2020.

Helen, who quit her job as the manager of an opticians to write for a naturist magazine,, said: "We're looking forward to another naked Christmas this year.

Helen and husband Simon are naturists.

"Some people do look at us like we're completely mad, especially when they find out that we host Christmas, but we're all about accepting your body and everybody feeling comfortable.

"My teenage daughter and my mum both totally accept our lifestyle, and they really don't think twice now when we answer the door in all our glory.

"My daughter did tell me I'd gone weird at first - although now she is very supportive of me, although I don't think she's keen to join suit.

"We have had some people make unkind comments, suggesting that we're swingers, or sexualising it, but it's really not how it is.

They have Helen’s mum and daughter with them on Christmas.

"It's not most people's set up, but it works for us. We'll exchange gifts, play some party games and raise a glass - just a completely normal Christmas day, it's just that Simon and I won't have any clothes on, with the exception of our cracker hats.

"We do have to crank the heating up, though."

The couple - carefully - decorated their tree naked and do their cooking sans clothes, too, although Helen does plan on wearing an apron when she’s getting the turkey out of the oven.

On Christmas morning, they plan to exchange gifts before welcoming their guests to their home in Bromley, Kent, Helen's mum 75, and daughter 15.

The couple will spend Christmas naked.

Helen admits that when she first met Simon she did find his attitude towards nudity a little unusual but agreed to go along to a reverse life-drawing class in 2020 - where she was clothed and the people painting her were all naked - and has never looked back.

She added: "I decided to whip my dress off too, and amazingly, nothing bad happened. Nobody was sick and nobody was judging.

"I realised I'd wasted 20 years of my life worrying about what people think I should be wearing. Everyone has scars and stretch marks, it's just nice not to have to worry about covering them up.

They're having a traditional Christmas, minus the clothes.

"It's even helped my daughter form a healthy attitude to body image too. She did think it was strange to start with, and so did my mum.

"But once they saw how happy it made me, they were fully supportive.

"Now, I can't imagine spending Christmas any other way than in our birthday suits!"

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