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A mum has taken to social media to explain the two major reasons she's stopped putting headbands on her baby.

I can't deny I didn't try to shove random hats on my unassuming and exceedingly patient Jack Russell called Pickle when I was a toddler, thinking he looked utterly adorable. In hindsight, it was cruel, my three-year-old self should've known better and it also could've been dangerous for him.

But it's hard isn't it - whether a small dog or a tiny human - not to want to dress them up in cute outfits and oggle at them so much you just want to squeeze or eat them - don't hate me, there's an actual scientific reason, I promise.

However, a mum has since spoken out to warn other parents of attempting to pop on a headband on their baby.

A mum has spoken out about two reasons why she no longer puts headbands on her baby.

Katie - who uses her TikTok to document her journey through motherhood - explained the first realisation she had on the issue was 'enough for [her] to stop' putting headbands on her child and the second 'is something [she's] learnt recently'.

The TikToker continues: "One time we were driving back from somewhere and my little girl's headband had moved from the top of her head to covering her eyes.

"Luckily I caught this straight away because I have a mirror but I was the only person in the car so can you imagine the panic that I went through."

The mum says she quickly realised how easily headbands can move around - 'especially when [a baby] is sleeping' - and lead to potential 'suffocation and [...] strangulation'.

"If that headband had creeped down a little bit more, it could've blocked her breathing," she reflects.

Katie's daughter's headband fell down while the pair were in the car.

Katie goes on to reveal the 'second thing we need to think about is the tightness of these headbands'.

We've all been there haven't we? Experiencing a headache creep in after wearing a high ponytail all day, pulled up tightly in a hair tie.

Well, imagine how it feels for a tiny child who's brain is desperately trying to expand so it can evolve from being the most helpless child mammal on the planet.

The TikToker adds: "In those first like six to nine months, your baby's head is going to double so it's not something you want to be putting on the baby when they're head is growing."

Other parents have weighed in on the issue.

Other parents were quick to weigh in on the issue, many having experienced a similar realisation to Katie.

One said: "I used to love headbands untill I looked in my daughters Moses basket and it was round her throat! She never one one again after that x."

"Yeah headbands are cute but I only put them on my daughter to take pics then take them straight off," another added.

Ultimately, the mum resolves it's 'personal choice' but she just wanted to 'spread awareness about the potential hazards' of putting a headband on your baby.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@katieandariam / Pexels

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