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Mum shares 'the best' laundry life hack that saves so much time and effort

Emma Guinness

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Mum shares 'the best' laundry life hack that saves so much time and effort

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/leralynn27

It's no secret that being a mum is a busy job, especially during the cost of living crisis, which has put even more pressure on parents' shoulders.

But now one mum has shared 'the best' laundry hack as you save your hard-earned cash by avoiding the dryer.


The video began by showing Leralynn taking washing out of the machine as a voice said: "Show me the life hack you randomly saw one day and is now an unconscious standard practice in your life."

She could be seen placing each of the t-shirts and tops on top of each other, followed by shorts and then trousers.

By placing the items on top of each other, she was able to take them off her shoulder one at a time as she hung them out to dry.

This meant she could hang them faster as there was no need to bend down and remove them from a basket.

Leralynn had a system too it and ordered the clothes so that each respective item was hanging on the line together.

She captioned the video: "My laundry hack which I explain to people and they think I'm crazy! But it ACTUALLY works! Undies and socks in the dryer, big things on the line. This saves me time and bending down!"

The video did not go unnoticed on TikTok, and at the time of writing it has been viewed over 120,000 times.

Reacting to the video, one viewer wrote: "That's so much better than bending down into the basket for them!"

"I thought I was the only one who did this coz I was too lazy to put them in a basket and then bend down every time," added a second.

"My nanny taught me this," shared a third viewer. "Does make a HUGE difference when it comes to hanging!! Love that you shared it [sic]."

This mum swears by this laundry hack. Credit: TikTok/@leralynn27
This mum swears by this laundry hack. Credit: TikTok/@leralynn27

However, some TikTok users with sensory issues admitted that they'd struggle to walk around with wet clothing on their shoulders.

"My sensory issues could never deal with the damp shoulder," one admitted.

A second agreed, adding: "The thoughts of having wet clothes sitting on my shoulder. I couldn't."

Meanwhile, others said it wasn't even a hack and simply common sense when it came to hanging out washing.

One wrote: "This isn't a hack ! This is common sense. We have been doing this since my nana hung laundry on her line lol [sic]."

"Lol so what’s the hack?" questioned a second.

What do you think of the hack?

Personally, it's not something I've considered doing before, and I'm down for anything that saves me time and energy.

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Emma Guinness
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