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Mum Shares Simple Hack For Removing Bleach Stains From Carpets

Mum Shares Simple Hack For Removing Bleach Stains From Carpets

This is definitely a hack worth noting - especially if you're clumsy or have children

The cost of living crisis is tightening its grip with every month, which is why hacks are essential to stop you making needless household purchases.

A common problem for a lot of households are bleach stains, but now one mum has come to the rescue with a simple hack that costs next to nothing.

The brilliant hack was shared on the Facebook group Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It, where it was explained that bleach stains can be easily removed with felt tip pens.

This happened after a user shared a picture of bleach marks on her son's carpet, writing: "Hi all, need some advice… these marks came up on my sons [sic] carpet! I've tried cleaning it. Any ideas what I can do to remove them?"

A bleached carpet.
Facebook / Louise Phillips / Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It

While some Facebook users suggested that the bleach carpet could be fixed with an off-cut from an area that wouldn't be noticed (like under a bed) another suggested using felt tip pens.

A second agreed, elaborating: "Permanent marker pen same colour of the carpet and colour in [sic]]."

So, how effective is the hack? Well, although this woman didn't provide an update, it turns out that using pens on bleach stains is very much a thing.

In fact, you can get pens that are specifically designed with carpet bleach stains in mind on Amazon, and they have a lot of glowing reviews.

One happy user of the hack said it 'saved the day', writing: "Works great!! Easy to use and easy to fix 'oops' stains. Accidentally ruined my bfs carpet by dropping bleach on it, this stuff saved the day!"

The pens also work well on clothing and other items, with another Amazon user sharing: "I had a small bleach mark on my designer jumper this did the trick got rid of it and you can't even tell."

However, this is not the only simple cleaning hack that's been doing the rounds on social media.

So too has this brilliant trick for getting food stains out of your plastic containers - perfect for anyone who is cutting back on their spending by bulk cooking. Watch below:

The hack was shared to TikTok, and it involves putting hot water into the container, some washing up liquid and a piece of kitchen roll.

Once you've done this, make sure that everything is mixed effectively and rinse.

All of the stains should happily melt away, saving you valuable time and money.

One TikTok user went on to describe the it as the 'best hack ever', adding: "I just squeeze some bubbles from the washing up sponge to avoid wastage of washing up liquid and it still works."

Another asserted: "It works guys."

So, the next time you're in trouble with any kind of household stain, it looks like if you do some digging on the internet, you will find the answer you're looking for.

Featured Image Credit: Lev Dolgachov/Alamy Stock Photo/Facebook

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