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Mum praised as she shares how to save hundreds for next year's Christmas

Mum praised as she shares how to save hundreds for next year's Christmas

Is it too early to start saving?

A mum is being praised by parents across TikTok after sharing how she plans to save hundreds of pounds for Christmas 2023.

Kathryn Hibberd, who has been vlogging her family's lead-up to Christmas, revealed how she managed to put some money together before the holidays, and how she has already started for next year.

Kathryn filmed herself putting the first note into her Christmas 2023 jar, and if it's anything like last year's, she'll have a hard time breaking into it.

Some TikTok followers confessed they'd struggle to avoid touching the jar when times got tough throughout the year.

"Me with the tin opener next week because I’m dying for a takeaway", joked one viewer.

"Good idea. but I know I'd raid it when I fancy a takeaway", admitted another.

But Kathryn assured them: "Several times I tired to get into my one for this year but they are so hard to open I gave up multiple times."

In another video, Kathryn showed herself and her partner finally breaking into their Christmas 2022 jar - and it really did look like a struggle.

"I have no f**king idea how much is in here. The only reason I'm able to save it because I can't get into it", the mum admitted.

"Halfway though the year when I've been like f*** I've got no money, I've tried to get in it a couple of times. That's why it's butchered.


"There's not going to be hundreds here. I'm just saying this is the only way I can save money."

After spilling out all the cash, Kathryn revealed that she had saved £195.65, which would easily cover 'the rest of [her] family's presents.

She seems to have really inspired her followers to try put together some money for next Christmas - as they already start to feel the pinch this year.

"I always say I'm going to save but never do it but i am def trying for next year and if its only notes then I won't get them out haha", commented one viewer.

Another wrote: "Saved £100 so far so got a tin so I wouldn’t be tempted to spend."

A third agreed: "I’ve started one for next year too! I’m horrendous with saving for Christmas."

But before you start putting your 2023 savings together, one TikTok user has an important reminder for you.

"Remember you will need to cash this in during the year when the images change", they wrote.

Yes, in 2023, new banknotes with the new monarch King Charles III will replace worn out bank notes with the late Queen Elizabeth II, so make sure you get those ones in the bank early! Then you can save, save, save.

Just make sure you get a sturdy tin, in case the craving for a takeaway strikes.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@kathrynhibberd

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