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Mum, 46, welcomes identical triplets after being told she couldn't have any more children

Mum, 46, welcomes identical triplets after being told she couldn't have any more children

The mum has beaten 1 in 20 billion odds

A 46-year-old mum has beaten incredible odds by welcoming identical triplets after being told by experts that she couldn't have more children.

Audrey Tiberius, from Alpine, Utah, is now a mum of seven, and had always hoped for a big family with her husband Tyler.

At age 41, she was told by fertility specialists that she only had a 10 percent chance of conceiving a child through IVF, but five years later, she got pregnant naturally.

On 30 March, Audrey and Tyler welcomed their three identical triplet boys Sky, River and Bay.

Experts have said that, while Audrey had a 10 percent chance of conceiving at her age, the chances of having identical triplets are one in 200 million.

That means that the odds of a woman Audrey's age welcoming identical triplets were one in 20 billion. That's billion with a 'B'.

Miracle babies Sky, River and Bay have now joined Audrey's children Marcus, 13, James, 11, Christian, 9, and Max, 7, making for a pretty full house.

"I always had seven in my mind - that was always my dream number. But I didn’t think it would happen for me because of my age", she told Today.

Audrey said that she's currently looking for milk donors, since she's currently spending a whopping seven hours per day pumping breast milk.

"I'm kind of amazed what my 46-year-old body can do", she said.

Audrey was told her chances of giving birth to identical triplets at her age were one in 20 billion.

The mum-of-seven has admitted she didn't realise at first that her age could have affected her fertility.

Since her paternal grandmother had managed to keep having babies in her 40s, Audrey assumed that she'd be able to do the same, and was surprised when she was warned about the risk involved.

"I didn’t realise that older celebrities often use frozen eggs or donor eggs," she said.

“Doctors need to talk to women about fertility and what their options are to save them heartache."

Before she welcomed her three healthy babies, Audrey was quite worried about miscarriage. According to Mayo Clinic, at Audrey's age, the risk of miscarrying is approximately 80 percent.

But the mum decided to trust her body and rely on her faith, which she believes is what got her through.

"I prayed that my babies would be safe and that I would deliver them when I was supposed to - and that’s what happened."

Audrey is now mum to seven children.

Although Audrey recognises that delivering three healthy, identical twin babies at her age was nothing short of a 'miracle', she's not sure if she's completely finished having children.

"I really wanted a daughter and my husband says: 'Hey, obviously the sky is the limit on what can happen.' So maybe, we're not done. Who knows?"

Featured Image Credit: Today

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