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Love Island’s Amy Hart opens up on fertility struggles as she announces pregnancy

Love Island’s Amy Hart opens up on fertility struggles as she announces pregnancy

The Love Island star explained that if she had tried to have a baby, it likely wouldn't have happened.

Amy Hart announced today that she is expecting her first child after previously opening up about having her eggs frozen.

While the former Love Island star, 30, conceived naturally and unexpectedly, she explained that if she had taken her planned route, she may have ended up having IVF.

She wrote on Instagram: "We've both had individual and collective worries over the years that this may not have been the simplest process or that it may not happen at all.

"Interestingly enough, we got pregnant unexpectedly because the app that was telling us the fertile window was SO out.

"So much so that if we'd started trying in January as planned we probably wouldn't have fallen pregnant as we would have been nowhere near the ovulation days!

"We were told earlier this year that if we hadn't fallen pregnant within 6 months of starting trying, it would be straight to IVF. Life has a funny way eh!!"

Amy announced her pregnancy on Loose Women, where she had previously undertaken a public fertility MOT and documented her egg freezing journey.

She was asked whether she will still use her frozen eggs and she replied: "I might need them in the future.

"It was never about not being able to get pregnant, it was more about the longevity of my egg reserve… If I don't need them, then I'll donate them."

The couple are thrilled.
ITV / Loose Women

The reality star then opened up about the couple getting engaged and told her boyfriend that she doesn't want him to propose while she is pregnant.

She said: "It’s the biggest day of my life and I want to be able to drink champagne!... I'm a control enthusiast!"

The 30-year-old added that she also has no intention to find out her baby's sex beforehand because she'd just ruin it for herself.

"I do surprises for everyone else and I ruin surprises that are planned for me! So this is the only surprise that I can not ruin," she admitted.

Amy revealed on the show that she is currently 13 to 14 weeks pregnant and added on Instagram that she is due to give birth in March of next year.

Celebrities were quick to congratulate Sam and Amy on her Instagram post.

Alex Murphy wrote: "So happy for you! I know how badly you've wanted this!!!!!! Congratulations to you both!!!"

"Omggggg congratulations babe!! How exciting xxxx," added Amy Christophers while fellow Love Island alumni Sharon Gaffka simply wrote: "Congratulations!"

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/amyhartxo

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