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Mum divides opinion after letting eight-year-old daughter dye her hair blue

Mum divides opinion after letting eight-year-old daughter dye her hair blue

A TikToker has divided the internet for letting her young daughter dye her hair blue.

A TikToker has divided the internet after she let her young daughter dye her hair blue. Check it out below:

Look, we all remember the furious rows we had with our parents when we begged for cool coloured hair only to be shot down quicker than a kid asking for McDonald's when there's already food at home.

But, dedicated mum Cecilia Moyer 'finally caved' and let her daughter dip-dye her hair - but it's caused a massive stir.

Sharing the video with fans, Cecilia explained that after two years of her daughter, Mariah, begging for dyed hair, she finally gave in.

To be fair, two years is a pretty decent amount of time to resist, I'll do just about anything after my niece asks for an hour.

And, caving seems to have paid off because, according to the content creator, Marian is 'the happiest girl on earth' since getting her ends dyed electric blue.

The mum shared the salon trip on TikTok.

However, the video divided people on the video-sharing site, with some fully supporting the mum's decision: "good on you for letting her do this we only live once and to see the smile on her face is so worth anything."

While a second said that they thought the colour and placement were exactly right: "it's playful. I think the placement and color is actually age appropriate."

A third said that the hairstyle gave Mariah options if she changed her mind: "It’s clever how they only did the ends so she can trim if off if she changes her mind."

However, others weren't as thrilled, with one user saying: "She is too young to start dying her hair."

Another user agreed, saying: "Too young. you have to be a certain age."

We'd like to know exactly what age that is?

What are your thoughts on this?

Still, others thought that Mariah was too young, saying: "why do we dye Lil girls? they have a whole life to be a kid. stop trying to make them grow up."

While others started sharing their own hair-dying trips, with one parent writing: "love them !!! my daughter had her pink, then green and then blue... now she is back to her natural!"

Another poor person shared their own mishap after dying their hair at a young age: "mom let me dye my hair for the first time in 4th grade. it was supposed to be blue but was green bc of my blonde hair."

The same thing happens if you go near chlorine after dying your hair blonde - just FYI.

Featured Image Credit: @ceciliamoyerblog/TikTok

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