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Mum hits back at critics after buying huge pile of Christmas presents for 'miracle' daughter

Mum hits back at critics after buying huge pile of Christmas presents for 'miracle' daughter

Mum Sarah Moore has defended her decision to buy her 'miracle' daughter a huge pile of presents for Christmas.

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, it's not unusual for parents to share the presents they're preparing to give to their children. However, this can sometimes lead to backlash if commenters online think there is simply too much.

One mum has defended her decision to buy a pile of gifts for her 'miracle' daughter in a video in which she shows the internet all the toys she has in store.

Sarah Moore, a 23-year-old mum from Chester, doesn't care what people think about the number of presents. She shared the video on her TikTok account, @sarahbouasker, to display the impressive collection for her daughter, 18-month-old Alaya.

From a Thomas the Tank Engine Toy to a Cocomelon calendar, Alaya will have an abundance of prezzies on Christmas Day.

The mum-of-one clearly got a head start on Christmas shopping this year however concerned parents in the comments section predict the youngster may be overwhelmed by all the the gif.

She also bought washable markers, a personalised backpack, Bing figurines, a My Baby Tumbles doll and a toy toaster.

“Please no hate,” Sarah captioned the post. “My baby is my miracle and I’m lucky to have her so I will buy her what I want to buy her.”

Sarah has defended the large collection of Christmas presents.

The video has attracted 782,000 views on TikTok plus 43,000 likes and over 3,000 comments. And while many parents praised the mum, others were concerned.

One commenter wrote: “Nothing annoys me more [than] parents having to explain why they do things. Momma spend what you want to make YOUR baby happy. Hope it’s an amazing xmas!”

Another TikTok user reacted with: “Fair play but OMG, so much toys to tidy daily hahaha.”

A mum said she also used to buy lots of gifts but has since decided against doing so anymore. She said: “I was like this until I realised they get bored so I cut down a lot but you know you want to do this well done.”

Other parents defended Sarah's decision.

One person quipped: “Very lucky girl. You do know she will only play with the empty boxes tho [sic].”

A parent with a miracle baby also said they spoilt their baby. “I have a miracle baby and my Christmas is like this, its her birthday tomorrow and I've gone all out”.

“I get it, I really do,” another TikTok user began. “But sooo many toys can be so overwhelming for one child and unless you have good toy rotation it's just gonna be chaos!”

Sarah replied: “I've definitely got a rotation plan, this won't be all opened at once either.”

Featured Image Credit: @sarahbouasker/TikTok

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