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Mum defends calling baby after Disney character and doesn't care what people think

Mum defends calling baby after Disney character and doesn't care what people think

A mum has spoken out after it was revealed her baby shares the same unique name as Molly-Mae Hague's newborn

A mum has spoken out about calling her newborn after a Disney character and admits she doesn't care what people think.

Prepare to feel broody:

Indy Clinton - an Instagram influencer and fitness blogger - gave birth to her daughter, Bambi Valentine, on 13 October, 2022.

This week, former Love Islanders Molly-Mae Hague and partner Tommy Fury revealed their newborn's name - Bambi.

The unique name has received mixed responses online, and Clinton has since addressed the controversy.

An influencer has defended the choice of 'Bambi' as a baby name.

Clinton and her partner's original choice of name for their daughter was actually Paloma.

She said: "We were set on calling her Paloma at first. That was her name, and nothing was going to change that.

"But I was reading the book to Navy one night and it came to me. I sat up and yelled, 'What about Bambi?'"

After giving birth, the fitness blogger explained her daughter's 'big brown eyes' and 'sweet [and] curious nature' reminded them of the Disney character and so the name stuck.

Indy Clinton gave birth to Bambi in October last year.

Given how unique the name is, Clinton 'couldn't believe the coincidence' when she heard of Molly-Mae's choice of baby name.

"Four months ago, when I was giving birth, I was convinced Bambi was the most unique, unusual name that nobody would use.

"Good on Molly-Mae though, looks like great minds think alike," she said.

Clinton 'couldn't believe the coincidence' when Molly-Mae revealed her baby's name.

However, not all social media users were left convinced when Molly-Mae announced her baby's name - the former Love Island star having even turned off the comments on her latest post.

Instead, people have taken to Twitter to weigh in on the name 'Bambi'.

One wrote: "Imagine being an adult named Bambi. These baby names are mad these days."

"Does Molly-Mae not know what happened to Bambi’s mum," another commented.

A third said: "Hahahahahahaha we have just reached new levels of Fiat 500."

A final - referring to when Molly-Mae was heavily criticised online for comments she made in YouTube series The Diary of a CEO about the state of modern poverty and wealth inequality - resolved: "Molly Mae should use those 24 hours to think of a better baby name."

Molly-Mae revealed her baby's name in an adorable Instagram post.

Despite the more negative comments online, Clinton has defended the name.

The Instagram influencer said: "You know, unique names are the new trend.

"Bambi is going to fit right in with the Rivers, Bears, Forests, Stormis and Wolfs. I’d be more concerned calling my kid a name from the 1900s.

"People will criticise anything these days, so at least give them something to talk about."

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