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Mum, 46, and daughter, 22, claim people can't tell them apart because they look so alike

Mum, 46, and daughter, 22, claim people can't tell them apart because they look so alike

But TikTok users think it's obvious who is older.

A mum and daughter duo have claimed that people can't tell them apart despite their 24-year age difference.

Barbie Porter, 46, and her daughter Halie, 22, from Tennessee, recently took to TikTok to show off their similarities and to ask their viewers: who is the mum and who is the daughter? Watch their videos below:

Barbie says at the start of the now-viral clip, which has been liked almost half a million times : "Okay. So one of us is 46 and the other is 22. But who's which? Who's the mum and who's the daughter?"

The pair looked seemingly amused and even shared a few giggles as Halie added: "Yeah, guess, please, please. Let us know in the comments."

However, while the duo were very confident in their apparent similarity, TikTok users claimed that it was very easy to see who the mum was.

One confidently declared: "red shirt is mom your can see her skin is thinner which means its older. daughter looks significantly younger [sic]."

"Plaid shirt is 46. It’s her neck giving it away," added a second, while a third wrote: "Easy mum's on the left. The childish giggle from the right gives it away."

However, while the majority of TikTok users were in agreement that Barbie was the mum, they did acknowledge that she looks remarkably young for her age.

Do you think they look the same age?
TikTok / @thebarbieporter

"I'm 45," wrote one complimentary TikTok user. "Plaid shirt mom. But it's tough. You look incredible."

"Poor thing. I don't think this went the way she thought it would. I mean she does look good for 46 tho, [sic]" added a second.

A third remarked: "red is clearly 46 but that doesn't mean she doesn't look great for her age !! she looks beautiful [sic]."

"I would say lady in red is older. Although I don't know [how] to reason it. But 46?" questioned a fourth before asking: "No way! How do you do it?"

The mum and daughter have since responded to people claiming that it is obvious who is who, and they don't seem to believe the consensus of the internet.

The mum and daughter responded to their viewer's answers.
TikTok / @thebarbieporter

"Clearly we look like twins and not mom and daughter, y'all are crazy," they captioned one video.

However, we're pretty sure that they are in on the joke at this point.

What do you think? Do they really look that similar or is the difference as obvious as TikTok users are implying?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok

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