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People Are Hilariously Mistaking These Flatbreads For Sanitary Towels

People Are Hilariously Mistaking These Flatbreads For Sanitary Towels

Pretty crumby, if you ask us.

People can't help but notice that these Italian flatbreads from M&S look remarkably like sanitary towels... and now we can't eat Italian flatbreads from M&S anymore.

It was one Reddit user who first noticed the unfortunate design flaw (thanks a lot, u/speed_sloth) and posted a picture of the product to the site.

Accompanying the picture, they added the caption: "I thought i was in the feminine hygiene aisle for a moment..."

These M&S flatbreads look a little bit familiar. (

It seems like they weren't the only one who was amused by the similarity either.

One fellow Redditor joked: "You are, you just are not thinking out of the box."

And thus, the bread puns and jokes took off.

You'll either loaf them or you'll hate them. Sorry.

"They’re not very discreet as they tend to make a crumbling sound as you sit I imagine," commented one user.

"Might buy the missus these and some mini breadsticks see if she notices the difference," joked another.

They don't get much butter than that!

People can't unsee the similarity. (

Another Reddit user was disappointed to have only noticed the comparison after already buying the same flatbreads.

"Got a box of these in the cupboard and now wishing I’d eaten them before reading this. Not going to be able to keep a straight face."

Coincidentally, this hilarious comparison comes just as one gynaecologist takes to TikTok to warn against wearing panty liners every day.

The sanitary products are often used as a more comfortable alternative to pads for light spotting, vaginal discharge, or urine leakage.

The TikTok creator, who regularly answers feminine health and hygiene questions on her page, explained that wearing panty liners too often can cause vaginal irritation.

A gynaecologist has taken to TikTok to warn against using panty liners all the time. (

While women tend to wear liners to avoid the uncomfortable feeling of discharge, this gynaecologist (@anniedeliversmd) has instead recommended "carrying a ziploc bag with you in your purse."

"When you feel discharge change your underwear," she said. "But don't wear those liners anymore."

Featured Image Credit: Reddit

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